il desiderio 05Associates: Maria, Nicola, Sebastiano, Carlo and Gabriella with Sr. Licia

Il desiderio 02Angela with Associate Gigi

I first met the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor in 1991. I offered to help Sr. Giuliana by spending some hours volunteering for a Caritas project on behalf of Roma people. As it turned out, I ended up volunteering for almost ten years.

In those years, I met other Sisters and I was impressed by the fact that they were different from other Sisters whom I had met. I was drawn by their Franciscan way of living, and began reading a book about Mother Frances’ life.

This deepened my knowledge of her spirit and charism: healing the physical and spiritual wounds of the poor.

il desiderio 04Angela during the celebration of the renewal of the covenant

Over the years, the SFP community welcomed me, and I shared with them their spiritual paths, pilgrimages, journeys and community life. Now, after some years of absence, I have been started again to participate actively in the SFP community life.

Two years ago, I asked with great joy for the honor of becoming an Associate of Franciscan Sisters of the Poor because I wanted to share more deeply their Franciscan spirituality and Mother Frances’ charism.

I made my first Convenant on April 10, 2016. I felt ready and able to share in the construction of God’s Kingdom on earth; to live the Gospel not only with words but with actions, following in the footsteps of St. Francis and Mother Frances. I felt strongly the presence of the charism in my life. 

Il desiderio 03Sr. Roberta, Angela and Sr. BarbaraThe Sisters accompanied me, and as I got closer to the life of the community, I met other SFP Associates.

It was a period of great transformation for me – both spiritually and in my relationship with other people. This transformation began years ago and now it has become concrete and tangible.

With the blessing of God, St. Francis and Blessed Mother Frances, I renewed my SFP Convenant for another three years at the recent Italian Area Assembly.

Il desiderio 01Angela with SFP Associates in the days of the Assembly I want to share this adventure with the SFP Charismatic Family. With Jesus’ help we will grow together, to mutually help one another, and to deepen Mother Frances’ charism in our daily life. I try to live the charism every day, especially in my work as a radiology technician as I try to take relieve patients’ pain, and also the suffering of all whom I meet.


Associate SFP Angela Saccà

Published: August 29, 2017