A daily ‘yes!’

hesslerSr. Therese Martin Hessler, SFP

Sister Therese Martin Hessler, SFP


70 Years


Entrance into the Novitiate:  January 21, 1942
First Profession:  September 8, 1944
Perpetual Vows:  September 8, 1949

Sister Therese Martin Hessler is awed by the number and variety of experiences and opportunities offered in religious life.  “They all grew out of my participation in our charism, and the missions in which it is expressed. This realization prompts me to be always grateful! As a registered nurse, I served in our health care institutions in four states…learning in each that our purpose went far beyond simply providing care. I learned, and I grew as I made adjustments in each of the locations and experienced different cultures. Preparation for leadership roles in health care and in the Congregation gave me academic experiences close to home in Ohio, but also in New York and California. Again, each offered different opportunities for expanding my horizons.”

Following her preparation in Theology, Scripture and Franciscan Spirituality at the Graduate Theological Institute in California, she served for ten years as Director of Pinecroft House of Prayer -- an oasis of healing and peace for those who sought counsel, prayer and solitude. She loved it. “However,” Sister Therese Martin says, “my final active ministry also claimed a big part of my heart. I served Sisters who no longer could engage in active ministry, but continue a life of prayer and spiritual development.”

She has this to say about her life in religion: “The call to religious life is a commitment and a daily  ‘yes!’ in response to the invitation from God, heard in one’s heart, to love God in return, to seek God, to desire to know God, and to serve God’s children: this is the purpose of religious life. It has been the adventure of my lifetime and, it’s worth giving a life for!”

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