Give me everything





                                     Sr. Barbara Fiorentino, sfp

                                                   25 Years


                               Entrance Date: September 8, 1984

                               First Profession: May 18, 1986 Pentecost

                                                                                             Perpetual Vows: October 7, 1990


“Give me everything”

These are the words I heard at 16 years of age that began my journey. In trying to understand what this meant and how to live it, I arrived at Casetta Nova

Meeting the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor and getting to know our charism more deeply led me to May 18, 1986, Pentecost Day -- when I gave my life to God for poor and suffering humanity.

During these 25 years, I have met many brothers and sisters along the way. With some of them I share my daily life, prayer, projects and missions. With others I have shared only part – but a meaningful one – of my life. I spent twelve years in Senegal, four serving the poor in Padua. Now I am in Rome.  

Today, the words: “Give me everything” still give meaning to my journey. The ministry I carry out at  the “Sunrays” Day Shelter gives me the opportunity to be with my brothers and sisters. In encountering them, I find out who I am and experience the best part of my life.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Sr. Barbara Fiorentino, SFP

                                                                                                                                                                                                published, december 2011

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