My God and my All




                                  Sr. Vincenzina Raimondo, sfp

                                                 25 Years

                            Entrance Date: September 8, 1984

                           First Profession:  May 18, 1986, Pentecost

                           Perpetual Vows: October 7, 1990


In my heart I can still hear the echo of the powerful words in the Gospel of May 18, 1984. “Peter, do you love me? Do you love me more than...?” We had chosen this passage because Mother Frances was inspired by it when she received her call. On that day, however, I felt those words were addressed to me, “Vincenzina, do you love me more than...?” My answer was generous, immediate and felt like the fire of Pentecost. The words of the formula “My God and my All” are branded forever within my soul.

I felt the strong desire to go out into the world to heal its wounds with the same gentleness and mercy that God had shown toward me. I immediately began with the children in Olivieri, then with the young people in Messina. After that I went to Senegal and served in formation ministry. Today, I minister to the families in Assisi in their various stages of growth and transformation. 

Throughout the years, the words “My God and my All” went beyond simple enthusiasm and turned into a deep awareness that my life does not have meaning outside of that “All.” This is where the “doing” becomes enjoyable; this is what makes me go all day. And in the evening, after I have loved intensely all day, I find my “being.”  

Walking in the Paths of Hope

After 25 years of serving the poor and listening to so many wounded brothers and sisters, I chose to celebrate my Jubilee in the Holy Land. I wanted to experience first hand the places where Jesus worked so many miracles of physical and spiritual healing -- and I wanted to walk on the land that witnessed those events. I felt the need to review my life in light of the Resurrection events and walk in the paths of hope.

Every place I visited touched me deeply, but the Lake of Tiberias touched me in a particular way especially for its simplicity. During the crossing of the lake, mid-way between the two sides, after stopping the boat’s engine and listening to the waves, we read two passages: the calming of the storm and the call of the apostles. Then, after a moment of silence, I read the words of my Profession, renewing my “Yes, forever” to God and to my brothers and sisters. Hearing Jesus’ words, “I am with you always” and “Come, follow me,”being read in the middle of the lake, spoke deeply to my heart. This experience gave the words “My God and my All” a new depth.

Renewing my Vows at the place where Jesus called the apostles and where they unconditionally gave theirYes, is for me, today, a commitment to follow Jesus poor and crucified without compromising. I start anew from here, to continue this divine adventure, carrying within my heart the echo of the words, “I am with you always."

Sr. Vincenzina Raimondo, SFP

published: december 2011

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