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                                              Jubilees 2013


It so happened that this year there were eight Sisters in the U.S. Area celebrating jubilees as Franciscan Sisters of the Poor:

                         70 years                                                                                            60 years

Sr. Rose Carmel Berberich - Sr. Marie Clement Edrich                                                   Sr. Rita Kruthaupt - Sr. Mary Louise Sahm
        Sr. Clarita Frericks - Sr. Mary David Mulroy                                                                           Sr. Mary Virginia Schreiner  

                                                                               50 years       

                                                                                              Sr. Christine Edwards

During the U.S. Area Assembly in April there was a celebration of the 510 years of fidelity of these Sisters and God's fidelity to them. However, at that time it was really only the Sisters who were present. It seemed to me that it was fitting to recognize, praise and give thanks to God's goodness for all these years to invite more people to the celebration.  Since we are an older group, it was difficult to consider inviting many family members. I actually do have relatives living in the area and there are friends as well as our associates and benefactors who could be invited to join us. It was not possible to have a really large gathering, but on September 29 there was a celebration.

dotchecosa 01Sr. Marie C. Edrich, Sr. M. Clarita Frericks, Sr. Rose C. Berberich and Sr. Mary David Mulroy checosa 02Sr. Mary L. Sahm, Sr. Mary V. Schreiner, Sr. Rita Kruthaupt and Sr. Christine Edwards

The liturgy was celebrated by Father Timothy Kruthaupt, nephew of Sr. Rita. It seemed appropriate that he was part of the ceremony since he had grown up in the neighborhood of St. Clare. During the homily he spoke about his serving Mass at the convent chapel regularly from the time he was seven or eight years old until he was fifteen. In the homily he also referred to the readings from the Song of Songs and the Letter to the Colossians as well as the Gospel of Matthew that recounted the prayer of Jesus, thanking His Father that He had given the message to the "little ones."  He also read part of the letter of Blessed Frances to the Sisters in 1868 in which she exhorted the Sisters to show the sign of their love as Jesus had told the Apostles: "faithfully observe my commandments." Then he made reference to the various ways in which the Jubilarians had lived the charism of healing as Franciscan Sisters of the Poor in the years as they served in various ministries in many different parts of the world.

Following the homily the Jubilarians renewed their vows into the hands of Sr. Tiziana Merletti, Congregational Minister, who had come for the occasion. It was a special moment again to praise and thank God and give witness to the graces and blessings of the years.

dotchecosa 03the Jubilarians renewed their vows into the hands of Sr. Tiziana Merlettichecosa 04Speech of Sr. Tiziana Merletti

Following the Mass all were invited to a simple reception that allowed the possibility of many of the Sisters and relatives and friends to share memories of the years that have passed. All of this would not have been possible without the contributions and assistance of so many: Sr. Tiziana, Sr.Joanne, Sr. Marilyn, Sr. June and so many of the Sisters. Thanks also to my own sister and many who helped her along with many of the Associates who helped so much before and on that day. There are always so many little things that add up and make a memorable celebration.

checosa 05A simple reception

And the celebration was memorable!!  "What can I do to repay God's goodness?"  I will ask the Lord to bless abundantly all my family, my Sisters, relatives, associates, friends and benefactors!! And in a special way, the Sisters celebrating jubilees this year!!

Sr. Marie Clement Edrich, SFP

Publishe: November 27, 2013