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25 years


giubass 01Barbara SchwabklacoI practice daily prayer and reflection based on the teachings of Francis and Clare and with materials received from the Congregation. I will continue to teach my high school students about Francis, Clare and the Congregation. I will encourage students to treat the environment in ways that will guarantee its health throughout their generation and those to come.

- Barbara Schwabklaco

giubass 02Bill SpencerI donate my time and energies to the poor and homeless. At the present time I donate 35 to 40 hours each week to this. I do this through group lectures and one to one. Living out my covenant has helped me learn to be charitable to all and help those in need.

I have learned to be generous both with finances and by sharing knowledge. I counsel homeless men and women with financial issues, teach them how to save money, obtain scholarships for school – and get them off the streets. In doing so I try to bring in the spiritual aspects of Mother Frances.

- Bill Spencer

giubass 03Peg SpencerI continue to spread the Franciscan mission of serving the poor through my work. As a social worker, serving the elderly (most of our clients are poor) provides a way of expressing this. Through this covenant, I have an opportunity to add ever new dimensions to my profession. This has happened since I became an Associate. I feel that living my covenant has made my job as a social worker more meaningful.

- Peg Spencer




Published: December 9, 2013