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angi 08Father Abate from the Keur Moussa Monastery, during the celebration at the Santa Maria Maddalena Parish in Mbao  angi 05Sr. Angiolina during the celebration

angi 06Sr. Angiolina during the celebration
angi 01Moments of feast with Sr. Angiolina 
angi 04Traditional dances 
angi 03Traditional dances 
angi 02Traditional dances

Sr. Angiolina celebrated her diamond jubilee on the 31st of May 2015 in Mbao, Senegal at the Santa Maria Maddalena Parish. The day was marked by a solemn Mass, presided over by Father Abate from the Keur Moussa Monastery during which Sr. Angiolina, grateful to God for her faith, celebrated the jubilee of her "Yes to God.” For 60 years she has been in the service of God in Italy, her native land, and in Senegal, where she still lives. She has dedicated herself in particular to caring for the sick and to promoting the welfare of women.

"When I woke up this morning, the beautiful sunshine filled my room, reminding me that today would be an unforgettable day...and it certainly was! So many people who came from all over the Diocese, and I felt joyful to belong to a large family of God!  The rhythm of tam-tam and dance steps brought this beautiful day to a close. I gratefully extend my most sincere thanks to all the Sisters in the Senegalese Area, to Santa Maria Maddelena Parish, and to everybody who participated and contributed to the success of the day. To everyone, infinite thanks!!!
The joy of this day continues because the happiness is still inside of me. The Lord laid his benevolent gaze on my life, giving me the grace of celebrating my diamond jubilee. Even though I became an orphan is this world at a very young age, God has not abandoned me. Nor have I abandoned Him: after 60 years my vow to God remains strong  -- and will be so for the remainder of my life. I thank the Congregation which raised me in faith, and all the Sisters who have demonstrated their care through telephone calls, cards, and especially prayer. May God bless you all."  

Sr. Angiolina A. Marino, SFP

The people who attended this celebration said...
•    It was a moment of grace and of joy: not everyone is able to celebrate 60 years of consecrated life! Sr. Angiolina is for me an example of a woman of prayer -- strong and generous. Sr. Rose
•    Sr. Angiolina's life is welcomed as a gift of God. Sr. Augustine
•    The Lord is at work in the life of Sr. Angiolina. The Christian community has demonstrated its love for Sr. Angiolina and its faith in God. Sr. Anne Claire
•    After seeing Sr. Angiolina today, I want to emulate her humility. She has helped me to grow, and to begin anew each day. Véronique
•    Sr. Angiolina's faith was encouraging to me. I give thanks for the love God has for her, for her vocation. Sr .Thérèse
•    In my experience, if you want to fill yourself with God, first you have to empty yourself. Jacky Sané
•    To witness a diamond jubilee gives me courage and the faith to follow in the footsteps of Mother Frances. Geneviève
•    Through the life of Sr. Angiolina, I see decades of the Spirit of Faith -- and also of Perseverance; the Lord has repaid her by calling of all these women who have embraced religious life thanks to the testimony of her life. Sr. Maria
•    A fraternity composed of religious people -- men, women, young people and children  --were the most impressive testimony of God's love for Sr. Angiolina and SFPs. The experience of her life touched everyone. Sr. Laura
•    This day was the image of a great family who came together with us, Christians and Muslims, to celebrate Sr. Angiolina’s life. Sr. Elisabetta
•    She gave herself to God; she gave her entire life. I thank the Lord that I was able to meet her on this day of grace. Marie Simonne
•    Grace upon grace for these 60 years of life consecrated to God in poor and suffering humanity. Thanks to Sr. Angiolina for having answered the call of Mother Frances. Salomon

Published: August 31, 2015

angi 07Moments of feast with Sr. Angiolina