On May 3rd, 2015, during the Area Assembly, we took a moment to celebrate our sisters’ jubilees. We thanked God for His faith and His infinite love…And for this occasion, we asked our sisters to share something about their experience of Consecrated Life.


ben 01Sr. Licia accepts the profession of belonging to God and to the Congregation


Sr. Carmelina Di Bella – 25 years of Consecration to God

ben 02Sr. CarmelinaIn what way have you felt blessed during these years? What are you thankful for?

I have always felt blessed by God’s Love. I am thankful for my family who have loved me, baptized and cared for me in faith and in the simplicity of our daily life. From them, each day I receive the example and the testimony of a life woven with wise words and with love for everyone.  
I am thankful to God for the call to religious life into the family of Mother Frances. I extend my thanks to Him for the gift of life, for His faithfulness which, during these years, has shown me His infinite and merciful Love. I am thankful also for the spiritual and material support that I have received from my sisters and brothers who, in these years, have been close to me.

How have you seen the Charism in action?

I have seen it incarnated with simplicity and fraternity in everyday life. I have experienced the strength of the Charism when I shared joy and pain with other people. Wherever I have been, I have seen it in action: in community, on the streets, in Church, during missions, with children, youth, adults and the elderly.

After so many years, can you tell us what sustained you during the moments of difficulty that you experienced?

What sustained me was faith in my love for God, prayer and determination. During these years, it was essential for me to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and that of Mother Frances, who guided me with so much strength and courage to move forward.  In addition, also the love of those whom I met along my way sustained me: the poor, the rich and the sick. The ‘Yes’ for eternity, which I pronounced on October 15th, 1990, confirmed that joy and pain are an integral part of life and of following Christ.

Is there a particular experience that you would like to share?

While in Africa, I helped a sick woman who was very poor. After many years, she came to visit me and brought me a hen. That unexpected gift was, for me, like the widow’s offering: she donated everything she had.

What would you say to the younger generations?

To love God and to follow Him anywhere he calls you, with joy and simplicity, offering yourselves with generosity in the service of our brothers and sisters.




ben 03Sr. ClaraSr. Clara Carlitti – 60 years of Consecration to God


In what way have you felt blessed during these years? What are you thankful for?

I am grateful to God for having accompanied me during my journey. I am thankful for the life I received from our Lord.

During these 60 years, what sustained you during the moments of difficulty that you experienced?

During every difficulty I confronted, God supported me, with His closeness and with the strength He gave -- and continues to give to me.

What would you say to the younger generations?

Look to the older Sisters in our Congregations who continue to offer themselves with love, and go forward with patience and love, growing in the life of the Lord.



Associate Anna Spinola - 15 years


During the Assembly we prayed in communion with our Associates, Lucio and Anna Spinola. Although they were unable to attend the Assembly, here below they have shared with us their experience, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Anna’s First Commitment as an Associate:

Anna and I feel protected and grateful to the Lord for our membership within the great Franciscan Family. During critical moments in our lives, Mother Frances has been a reference point for us.  She has helped us to trust in God, to have faith and always to believe in His love. This has allowed us to live with, and deal with, everything -- even difficult situations -- with great serenity.
The gift we have received from Mother Frances as we follow in her footsteps, as we read about her life story, has been the joy of sharing our lives with even the weakest and poorest among us, through service within our Parish.


ben 04Sr. Marina, Sr. Giannica, Sr. Marvi, Sr. Maria, Sr. Carmelina, Sr. Clara and Sr. Licia


To them, and to all of our Associates, we hope that they will always be a sign and living presence of the Charism among the people!


Edited by the Italian Area
Published: September 4, 2015