Celebrating Associate Covenants



celebrating 01Associates Joan, Kay Lynn and JerryOn Sunday, August 24th about 80 people gathered in St. Clare Convent Chapel to celebrate our Annual Covenant Ceremony. The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor welcomed with great joy Joan Hock, Pam Rouster, Nancy Smith and Laura Weinberger as Associates who will continue the mission and charism of Mother Frances Schervier. In addition, five Associates - John and Judy Daleiden, John Pack, Peg and William Spencer - renewed their covenants. Permanent Commitments were made by Associates Jerry Bugg, Kay Lynn Diltz and Joan Mills.

celebrating 02Associates Joan, Pam, Nancy and Laura make their First CovanentAfter the ceremony, we had a beautiful Communion Service led by Sr. Ann Cecile Albers. The Communion Service was accompanied by lovely music played by Terry Wenninger and cantored by Sr. JoAnn Jackowski. The celebration continued with a picnic at the Centennial Barn.

We are thankful for all who participated in making this day a joyous celebration, particularly, Sr. Marilyn Trowbridge and Sr. Giannica Selmo, Congregational Liaison for the SFP Associates.

It was truly a blessed day!      


celebrating 09Associate Jerry“I would like to take the time to say thank you to, Joan Mills, our Associates, and our wonderful Franciscan Sisters of the Poor for putting on a wonderful ceremony Sunday August 25. I feel both honored and blessed to be accepted into the Associates Permanent Covenant. It's always been a pleasure working with the Associates and the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor and I look even more forward to it today. 
Everyone did such a spectacular job of arranging the ceremony it could not have been any better.

I would like to send a special thanks to my sponsor Leah Curtin, who has been my guiding light from the start getting my wife Barbara and myself involved with such a wonderful cause. Barbara and I are both proud to have given our pledge to Permanent Covenant and we look forward to serving as a team with all our wonderful friends, Associates and Sisters. God bless you and thank you all for accepting us into this wonderful adventure.”

Jerry Bugg



celebrating 08Associate Laura“The Covenant Ceremony was a very special to me. As I stated my pledge, I looked out to the pews full of warm loving smiles. I could feel the love and support in the beautiful chapel. It was so good to have both of my parents, husband, son and his new fiancee there! I am so grateful to become part of a larger circle dedicated to the ways of St. Francis...”

Laura Weinberger



celebrating 07Associate Joan“I feel so fortunate to have participated in the Associate Covenant celebration, which offersmme the opportunity to participate more fully in the mission of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor and I look forward to the possibilities this partnership will provide.” Joan Hock





celebrating 03Sisters who attended Associates Covenant 2014  celebrating 06Celebration

celebrating 05Associates 2014 Covenant Ceremony 



          Joan Mills, Director of Associates

Published: September 15, 2014


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