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Kathleen Pergue – At the age of 91, an Associate of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor have experienced a great loss of one of their most active and dedicated associates. It was early 2000 when Kathleen was a member of the same parish – St. Patrick’s in Bay Bridge, Brooklyn, when I met her in a prayer group that met periodically. She began her Franciscan relationship in 2004 and made her Permanent Covenant in 2012.

A former model from Brooklyn, New York she embraced motherhood while raising her four children – two boys and two girls.  Her son Paul recalls graduating from school and not being in any hurry to work. To increase his odds of getting a job, one morning she bid him goodbye and locked the storm door when he left. “She mouthed ‘Get a job’ and there on the stoop in the milk box were classified ads with a particular job circle.” After 41 years, Paul is appreciative of the push she gave him – for he is still working at the same place!

“Mom was a very devout woman. In her later years, amid all her physical challenges, she never lost sight of her faith,” continued Paul.  The Associates of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor could certainly echo this. With Kathleen’s severe Scoliosis, she would walk a quarter of mile from her home and climb three flights of stairs to the Convent. She remained cheerful and contributed great insights into prayer.

Eventually Kathleen moved to Stanton Island to live with Paul. As her challenges progressed she moved into a nursing home near her son. At this point all communication with Kathleen was via phone through her son.

Paul extends a heartfelt thank you for all the support, friendship and prayer extended for his mother and him.

Sr. Bernadette Sullivan, sfp

Published: August, 25, 2016