On May 4th and 5th the communities of Rome and Messina held their meeting and on May 24th and 25th, the communities of Pistoia, Assisi and Padua had their gathering. These meetings marked an important stage in the Italian Area’s permanent formation.

Following the Directive of the General Chapter -- and with the help Mrs. Roberta De Bury, a spirituality specialist -- we studied in depth the figure of Mary of Magdala, while reflecting and praying on the John’s Gospel of the Resurrection. Thanks to a thorough study of the Word and the two-day workshop -- one day on contemplative prayer and the other on artistic expression -- we were able follow in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene, the apostle of the apostles. With her, we made a healing journey of the heart, a journey which brought us to the Risen One and enabled us to give witness to our experience.

All this prepared us to work on the Italian Area’s Pastoral Care Plan. In an environment of serenity and mutual acceptance, we discussed the questions provided and found some fundamental directions for the Congregation’s journey for the next five years.

essere 01Formation at Padua essere 02Formation at Vermicino


Echoes from the formation…

"This year, the permanent formation meeting has been particularly beautiful and rich in both imagination and depth. It was a joy to be able to join together as one body and to share our thoughts, our ideas and our experiences. It has given me hope. Indeed, I believe that the Lord makes of us small cells of healing which touch the life of others, sometimes enabling it to bloom. I am thankful to the Formation Team for giving us this gift.

Heartfelt thanks."

Sister Barbara T.

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"God created them
with passion
in the attraction of the infinite.
Resurrection is an opening to life
He is Risen!

In these words, the final fruit of the ‘clay workshop,’ I experienced, together with some of my Sisters, the synthesis of permanent formation. Being in a roundtable, discussing with each other the main point of our charism, allowed me to capture the enthusiasm that holds together the various pieces of my and our existence. The writing of the proposals for specific action gave life to our Chapter Directive, making it clear and aligning us with the whole of a body of our SFP family. I can say that we have thought, set to music, dreamt and sung with joy Our Hallelujah!"

Sister Jenny

essere 04How to work the clay


"I was happy with the permanent formation meeting. I have been extremely impressed by the young Sisters; they are indeed profound, they express the joy that they have in their hearts and they know how to communicate it. I hope that this youthful enthusiasm will continue to fascinate me. I was edified by every Sister and I feel lucky to be in this Congregation. Even today I remember some moments of those two days; they comfort me and give me joy."

Sister Rosamaria


“Lord, [that I might hold to you the more closely,]
I would that our consciousness were
as wide as the skies and the earth
and the peoples of the earth;
as deep as the past, the desert, the ocean;
as tenuous as the atoms of matter or thoughts of the human heart…
Let us then, for love of our Creator and of the universe,
throw ourselves fearlessly into the crucible of the world of tomorrow."

P. Teilhard de Chardin in “Hymn of the Universe.”


essere 05A moment of formation"This deep and intense prayer of Teilhard de Chardin, with which we ended the permanent formation meeting, synthesizes the treasure shared and the ardor with which I left.

Two beautiful and serene days, two days rich in ideas and simple sharing put in motion once again our desire to discover and to proclaim life, a life that rises again despite the worries and contradictions of daily life; a Resurrection exactly where everything else says the opposite."

Sister Mariapia



Published: 29 settembre 2014