L Days 04Debbie Keffer, during the Legacy Days  L Days 03Julie Luken, during the Legacy Days

Our very first Legacy Days for the US Area employees were held the first week of October 2015 with the theme: “Legacy Days: 170 Years Celebrating Our Mission.” Part of the Legacy Days activities included distribution to employees of “mission, values and vision” business-size cards.
Postcard-size cards with the word “compassion,” one of our four core values, were also distributed. The core value of “compassion” became our focus for the last quarter of 2015 and so managers and their employees were asked to reflect on the following three questions:

•    In October: How do I personally experience compassion in my life?
•    In November: How do I like to show compassion? What is my style?
•    In December: How do I observe compassion in my employees/volunteers/clients?

Sisters and employees alike enjoyed looking at a display board of our history prepared by Congregational Archivist Jennifer Gerth for the week. An additional highlight of the week was a PowerPoint presentation showing the SFP ministries across the Congregation, which had been prepared by Sr. Marvi Delrivo. After viewing the PowerPoint, employees expressed a deeper appreciation and understanding of the global aspect of our SFP mission.
Of course, no celebration is complete without food! St. Clare Convent Executive Chef Bill Lawrence arranged for a cake to kick off the Legacy Days, and we concluded the week with ice cream for Sisters and employees.

L Days 01Legacy Days Poster   
 L Days 05Legacy Days Cake  

L Days 02Dining Services during the Legacy Days

 Submitted by Sr. June Casterton and Sr. Jo-Ann Jackowski,

Mission Integration team, US Area

Published: March, 16, 2016