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I had the opportunity on October 4 to personally meet Pope Francis during his visit to Assisi. The Director of the Seraphic Institute for Disabled Children, where I worked during the months of August and September, requested my availability to accompany a young man. The great sense of expectation, the long preparation and the passing of time ignited in me a keen desire to experience an intense communion with the entire Church.

barbassisi 01The visit of Pope Francis begins with a meeting at the Seraphic Institute barbassisi 02Sr. Barbara Torregrossa

The Pope arrived early to devote most of his time to young people. I wanted to tell him many things, but then my heart moved me to ask for and also to assure him of our abiding prayer. Pope Francis looked at me and smiled, giving me all his sweetness as a father.

I stayed in Assisi following his itinerary step by step during the course of the day. I followed the Mass from the big screen placed in Porta San Pietro. Then I went to the Church of San Rufino where the Pope met women and men religious, priests and the members of the pastoral councils.

barbassisi 03Mass in the Church of St. Francis

Then we moved to Rivotorto for the final meeting. A huge crowd was waiting for him, including our Sr. Letizia and Sr. Regina who had been there since the morning. I believe that through him the Lord has given us an immense gift. Let us rejoice and thank God infinitely.

barbassisi 04The pilgrimage of the youth barbassisi 05The embrace of the youth in the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli

Sr. Barbara Torregrossa, SFP

Published: November 22, 2013