votivicenza 01Sr. Vincenza and Sr. Licia during the celebrationOn January 4, 2014, in my home parish church of SS. Trinità in Torre Annunziata, I said my eternal “yes” to God with Perpetual Consecration in this family of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. The preparation time up to the celebration as well as the time of prayer experienced with the parish community a few days earlier, were a continuous renewing “thank you” to God for the gift of Life and for God’s Love. I can still say with emotion that it was a day of grace and complete joy that was received, exchanged and shared with the Sisters, my family, and many friends.

The most extraordinary experience of my encounter with God has always been, and continues to be, discovering that the Word is alive in the invitation to let myself be guided with faith by God, who becomes votivincenza 02The moment of the signature following her solemn Profession of Vowsflesh in people, places, actions: in everyday life, made of struggle and beauty, and in the call to participate personally in the creation of what God places in my hands without ever growing tired, beginning from myself, there, where I am every day. Yes, God takes care of me, knows me through and through, and knows all my limits and talents! God looks at me through all his “little ones,” especially those I meet at school during my service to disabled children. And it is always a new gaze—tender and demanding.

votivincenza 03Sr. Vincenza with Sr. Licia Mazzia and Sr. Marina TrigliaThe atmosphere of profound participation during the celebration and the festive evening at the parish where contagious enthusiasm, reverie, and friendship circulated even among people who were very different from one another—ex-schoolmates, catechists, families, a few teachers, and the Catholic Action group—were all are once again proof to me of God's faithful love that weaves my life (and that of each of us!) together, using threads of every color, intertwining and blending them until allowing us to discover unpredictable and beautiful patterns of sharing and fraternity. Many people, even in the days following, told me that they had experienced sacredness and tasted the simplicity of God's presence.

votivincenza 04Some friends during the partyThree words have accompanied me since last June when I returned from my six-month experience in Brazil. They are words that I feel were given to me by God as a treasure, not only during the journey in these years, but also through my Sisters who live Mother Frances's charism there close to the people. These words are: Thank, Bless, Share. They summarize, in a personal way, a desire and a call that I find again in Mother Frances's prayer “What is mine through your gift, let it be yours through my gift”: to be, as a Franciscan Sister of the Poor, a small sign of giving without asking in return and of hope, in the freedom of this “yes” that is forever but that I still give and put into play every day.


votivincenza 05Group photo


Sr. Vincenza Scassillo, SFP

Published: March 12, 2014