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a i 02Initial prayer moment a i 03Sr. Raffaella and Sr. Francesca Maria during prayer a i 04Sr. Clara and Sr. Anna during prayer

From February 14 to 16 2014, the Sisters and Associates of the Italian Area met in Vermicino for the Assembly. We experienced the joy of being together again and of welcoming among us Sisters Licia, Marvi, Giannica, and Marina. Our opening prayer reminded us that we are all branches of the same vine, and insofar as we remain close to Christ and allow him to work in us, we will bear fruit. When she opened our Assembly, Sister Licia spoke of the symbolism of the spiral which embraces all creation while at the same time drawing us in to listen deeply and turning us outward to live the Gospel through our lives and ministries.

a i 05Silvia, the moderatorThe title of the Assembly, “As Apostles of the Resurrection, We Build the Future Together”, suggested the need to construct a common vision rooted in the past but opening into a new future. The Chapter direction and its three “calls” placed us in a creative space where we must let something go to make space for God’s Will to emerge. Our facilitator, Silvia Gollini, presented Otto Scharmer’s Theory U method of discernment, which is comprised of three phases: observe, reflect and act.  It is a method very close to our Franciscan discernment, which helps us listen to the wisdom around us and simply allow the future to emerge.

On the first day, we focused on the first phase of the process, “observe”.  Some sisters shared some of a i 06Sr. Licia, Sr. Marina, Sr. Marvi and Sr. Giannicathe special moments lived at the Chapter by showing videos and commenting on their experience. After this, we broke into small groups -- an intense process that resulted in a series of questions addressed to both the leadership and other members of the Assembly who had attended the Chapter.  

The second day involved exploring the needs of those whom we are called to serve, and identifying resources that are already available in the SFP family to implement the guidelines emanating from the Chapter. After the sharing once again in our small groups, we went on to a collective presentation/discussion of the a i 07Working at the tablesneeds themselves, which some of us personified. For all of us, the discussion offered a way to delve into the world of the wounded: it touched our minds, hearts, emotions, faith and charism, and prompted us to “look at” existing resources in order to “dream” of new answers to the calls of people who are poor and suffering.

The final moments of the day were spent in telling others about our own experiences, which provided for great mutual enrichment. When we left the Assembly, we began anew as ‘branches of the same vine, nourished by the same God, and united as the apostles of Resurrection, setting free the healing energy of Christ in the community of life.



a i 08Working group a i 09Sr. Marvi, Sr. Michela and the Associate Maria


a i 01The group of participants to the Assembly

Sister Vera Crisafulli, SFP

Published: March 20, 2014