A new moment in our Congregation


unnuovo 01Sr. TizianaThe General Chapter came to a close on September 6. Now it is time to pause, to ponder what happened to us as Congregation, as Areas, as individuals.

I believe the Holy Spirit worked once again with our frail and wounded humanity in so many ways, even through powerful dreams that some of us had. I am most grateful because it was a significant Chapter for our history as Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. For the first time we elected to leadership: Three Italian Sisters as Congregational Minister, First and Second unnuovo 02Sr. Marvi with Sr. Marie AugustineCouncilors, a Senegalese Sister as Congregational Councilor for the Senegalese Area, only one US Sister as Congregational Councilor for the US Area. For the first time a Chapter Member came from the Philippines.

Another important decision which makes this Chapter a transitional one was the large support expressed for the relocation of the General House from Brooklyn, NY, to Rome, Italy. It was a discerning Chapter that led us to identify an inspiring direction for the next five years, along with three calls to action.

I am so grateful for the prayerful support of so many people who helped us to go deeper into God’s heart and confirm our commitment to Mother Frances’s mission! It was a celebrative Chapter: we enjoyed our unnuovo 03Our cultural differencescultural differences, especially during our liturgies, and the presence of 1/3 of the Chapter Body as new Chapter Members, a sign that we have a future ahead of us. We valued the presence of our Associates, the Temporary Professed Sisters, and the Sisters from the Aachen Congregation. We were blessed by gorgeous nature surrounding us at the Campus of the Bon Secours Sisters.

It was also a truthful Chapter that activated within the group the potential of our healing charism and its shadow. We are the poor and suffering humanity called to work harder on our own wounds, with courage and faith, so that we can experience the fruits of setting free the healing energy of Christ!




Sr. Tiziana Merletti, sfp

Published: September 13, 2013

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