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June 5 - 8, 2014


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commenti 04The Chapel decoration “Our Area Assembly took place, in Goiânia, Goiás. Assemblies are always a time of grace and spiritual growth for us - individually and as a group. We were joyfully welcomed our Congregational Minister, Sister Licia Mazzia, and our First Councilor, Sister Marvi Delrivo.

When I arrived at our Area House, I saw the banner announcing our Assembly’s theme: ‘Building Our Walk as Apostles of the Resurrection,’ which made me reflect on my experience in religious life.

We shared a moment of prayer in which we recalled our journey and reflected on our life: our longings and limitations, hopes and talents, dreams, fears and skills. We walked a pathway especially prepared for us. It contained symbols -- written messages, stones, flowers, thorns and plants – reminding us of the goal set for us by Jesus’ Resurrection.

In my prayerful walk, I felt a very strong emotion. I reviewed my whole journey and growth in faith as a member of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. The messages and the objects I found along the way were like lamps which helped me commenti 05The banner announcing our Assembly’s themereach the Cross and go beyond it to the Risen Jesus as represented by the Paschal Candle. The Paschal Candle, a symbol of the Resurrection, is the ultimate goal for every Christian.”

–  Sister Maria Terezinha de Jesus

“During the Assembly, Sister Licia made a presentation on our Congregational Structure and on the Congregational Pastoral Plan prepared by our Leadership Team. Her presentation was a remarkable opportunity for all of us.

commenti 06Sister Maria HelenaWe worked together to prepare our Area’s Pastoral Plan, and had much fun celebrating our traditional June Festival, the Festa Junina, as we call in Brazil. This Festival celebrates the three Saints of the Church whose feasts fall in the month of June: Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Peter. In fact, the entire month is marked with traditional festivities in which people prepare special dishes and dress in traditional costumes for a lively Square Dance.

commenti 07The Sisters in Brazil It gladdened my heart to see all the Sisters happily having fun and dancing. How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in harmony! This Assembly brought me great joy and renewed hope. We had moments of prayer, others of sharing and socializing, and a feeling of camaraderie as we all searched for the same ideal. The presence of Sister Licia and  Sister Marvi brought me much joy, as I felt support and security in their simplicity and affection as they greeted each Sister and Associate.

On Pentecost Sunday, we celebrated the birth of our Congregation with great joy and enthusiasm. We commenti 08A Moment of Prayer attended a liturgy celebrated by Fr. Nelson Alves de Oliveira. Many people joined us from the neighboring Residencial Sonho Dourado, our Associates in Goiânia and a representative of our Associates from  the city of Jataí.

On that Sunday we shared our lived experiences with the Associates, and they shared their experiences of Associate life with us. These moments of mutual understanding – and Sr. Marvi’s passionate speech -- fostered a deeper sense of belonging to the Congregation as Members or as Associates.”

commenti 09Prayer in the chapel–  Sister Julia Batista Rocha

“For me, attending this Assembly as an Associate of the Congregation was very meaningful. Thanks to Sr. Marvi’s presentation, I understood much better my sense of belonging. I realized that I am a lay person who can be part of an international religious community. By keeping ourselves up to date on what happens in all our Geographical Areas and Mission, we Associates can be more deeply together, while enjoying the efforts that Leadership is making to comply with the mandates of the 2013 General Chapter. 


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I feel stimulated to grow more, to develop a  greater interest in and dedication to my call to be an Associate of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor.” 

–  Associate Arminda Maria Miranda de Almeida


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Published: July 10, 2014