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bf 28 "Our Lady of Hope" Community with sr M. Augustine

Dearest All,

Here I am, in the Philippines, writing to you about my thoughts and experiences as a missionary.  After recovering from the the long trip,  I was amazed as I began to enter into a completely new reality. Everything around me felt fantastical: the colors of the city, the rich green of Nature, the intensity of the light, and the deep blue of the sea.



bf 09Sr. Marie Augustine, Sr. Barbara and Sr. MarviIt was wonderful once again to embrace the sisters whom I had not seen for a long time. And the presence of Srs. Marvi and Augustine was truly precious and important. Through them, I felt the support of the entire Council, because there is so much concern for the future and the growth of this Mission.
During the first weeks, I met many people, and their hospitality was beautiful - the people really make you feel right at home. One of the things that struck me was the attitude of the people and the respect they have for the Church and for people who live a consecrated life: as soon as they meet one of us, they ask to be blessed. They take one of our hands and put it on their foreheasd. And this is not limited to only one age group - everyone does it, whether old or young.

bf 21Sr. Barbara at Shelter of Hope

Great care is given to the Eucharistic celebrations, not only in the songs and the prayers, but above all in the listening and participation of the people.

I was shocked to see such extreme poverty, not only because the young people whom we welcome in the Shelter of Hope live on the street, but also because so many of them were abandoned by their families and have had many painful experiences. Sr. Cristina and I visited a family with four children. They lived in a shack made of bamboo, right on the edge of the beach – and the first coastal storm to come along will destroy it, if we can call it house!  These have nothing, and yet they are not desperate, and their smiles surprise and delight me.

So, let us continue to be united in prayer and in God’s Will.

I embrace you and I hope to see you soon,
Sincerely yours,
sr. Barbara SFP

  At "Shelter of Hope"

bf 26Shelter of Hope

bf 17Sr. Cristina bf 16Sr. Domitilde and boys bf 06The volunter Vittoria 

bf 14Sr. Domitilde with a child bf 27Feeding program bf 11Sr. Domitilde laundry in the Shelter

bf 07The volunter Marion (right), at the Shelter

 The vocational group

bf 03The group with Sr. Armida bf 01Girls with Sr. Armida and Sr. Domitilde

bf 04Girls with Sr. Cristina bf 08Sr. M. Augustine e Sr. Domitilde

bf 19Girls with Sr. Barbara

bf 02Girls of the vocational group

Welcome to the Philippines!

 bf 20Sr. Barbara in Dubai bf 22Sr Barbara and M.Augustine on "pedicap"

bf 23Sr. M. Augustine Sr. Barbara and Sr. Cristina bf 05Sr. Cristina and Sr. M.Augustine on Community van

bf 18Sr. Cristina and Sr. Barbara bf 10Sr. M. Augstine, Sr. Barbara, Sr. Domitilde bf 24sr. Armi with a child

bf 12Sr. Cristina and Sr. Domitilde with a student bf 25Sr. Armi and Sr. Domitilde with the students in Foundation University

Grotto of Our Lady of Hope Comunity

bf 29Orchid bf 30The grotto

bf 15Sr. Dimitilde and Sr. Barbara bf 34Blessing grotto, Bishop Cortez

bf 31During the blessing

bf 32Some of the friends who participated in the blessing

 Published: April 10, 2015