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“During the week of January 23rd to the 25th, we held our Area Assembly. These annual meetings are eagerly awaited because they enable us to live the communion. In effect, because we are scattered in different regions, we rarely see oneanother – and this is basically the only time when all of us can gather together with our Associates. For me, this is a real Communion in all the different meanings of the word: before all else, there is the communion during the meal around the same table, and then there is the communion of sharing our different ministries.                
To hear from another Sister who ministers on the other side of the country and to learn how our common charism is lived and developed throughout the country fills me with joy and gives me the courage I need for everything I do.

On the second day,  Father Enzo  helped us to better understand: ‘A more in-depth reflection of the Resurrection: the theological dimension, and the Ecclesial dimension concerning the role of the consecrated woman and of the lay person.’  With faith and with a lot of humility, we can accept this mystery in our life. Two paths open up before the believer, says Father Enzo:
“The path of interpretation and the path of faith. Since the Holy Scripture is there not to be interpreted, but to be believed, we must choose to believe in order to understand -- and we must also believe that we will not understand everything. The challenge is to make the leap of  faith which is essential in order to believe. The mystery of the Resurrection draws its source from God; it is the most tender act of God's love – to raise Jesus from the dead. To witness the Resurrection of Jesus is essential for us, the baptized people, and it is by this faith that we will be saved. To live as ‘the resurrected’ is the program for every day”.

These words, already engraved in our hearts, renewed both our engagement and our devotion ‘to free the healing energy of the Christ’ as the Spirit suggested to us in our General Chapter calls. In our time, to live as men and women of the Resurrection requires a privileged and audacious solicitude for a prophecy that reaches all social strata from generation to generation.

The last day of the Assembly was devoted to an excursion at the park where rare savanna animals and beautiful giraffes live. This digression was greatly appreciated!”

Sister Thérèse Tapsoba and Sister Marie Augustine Ndione.

The Assembly has been for me an “experience of communion with the Sisters of the Senegal Area, Sister Licia Mazzia, Congregational Minister, and Sister Marie Augustine, who properly fulfilled her role as CCA.
“The formative intervention of Sister Licia on our individual and sponsored helped us to better understand them. I hope that following Sister's explanation, our work will be more efficient and organized. The sharing of the intense life of the ministry of each sister gave me more knowledge about our Congregation’s activities. As always, our common objective is to stand with the poor.
The day open to the participation of the Associates was a joyful day for all of us. Some Associates expressed their thoughts this way:

‘The theme that we deeply dealt with together puts us on the same level of responsibility in the society and in the Church.”
‘We thank all Sisters, in particular Sister Marie Augustine, who has always been available for us.’

‘The Eucharist that was celebrated every day filled my heart with gratitude towards God, who in His love increases his Graces and his Blessings on the whole family of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor.’  

Sister Elisabetta la Manna and Associates


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Published: April 20, 2015