clp 1A moment of prayer

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clp 2The Sisters on their way to the Auditorium
clp 3Sr. Maria Helena, Sr. Giannica, Sr. Licia
clp 4Small study group: Sisters Bernadete, Teresinha, Lécia and Antonieta
clp 5Sister Licia, Dom Joaquim, Associate Jairo, and Sisters Lécia, Maria Helena and Giannica
clp 7A moment of prayer in the chapel
clp 8The Cultural Evening: Santa Clara’s community presentation
clp 10The “Misses” of our Assembly: Sr. Maria Helena - Miss Beauty; Sr. Thalyta - Miss Joyfulness; Sr. Giannica - Miss Cheerfulness; and Sr. Licia - Miss Harmony
clp 12aSister Licia receives Sisters Teresinha, Antonieta and Helena Paula’s renewal of their vows
clp 13Jubilee Associates: Tomé, Teresinha and Arminda; Jubilee Sisters: Antonieta, Helena Paula and Teresinha


The Brazilian Area held its latest Assembly from October 9th to the 12th in  2015. Our Congregational Minister, Sr. Licia Mazzia and Councilor, Sr. Giannica Selmo were both present.

I like to think of our Congregation as a garden made of a wide variety of flowers, each with a different fragrance. Even the scents of the ones who have withered away are still steeped in the memory of many people… because flowers are never the same.

     Before any tree is planted or fountain built, gardens must have been first conceived in somebody’s soul. Every garden begins with a love story. However, those who relinquish cultivating an inner garden in themselves, will not be able to plant gardens outside, or enjoy meandering through them.   Let us be like the garden in Spring being reborn each day more beautifully.  
I would like every member of our Congregation to awaken to the perfumes of the garden in our Brazilian Area as we share with you our personal experience of these days spent together.

“It was very inspiring to work together on our Second Chapter Call, guided by Dom Joaquim Carvalho, osb.  He led us to deepen the theme not only theoretically, but also practically: he invited us to reconsider our journey as women who have witnessed Jesus Christ in action in our day.  He said that remaining only in our comfort zones hinders the Holy Spirit’s action within us. We also first must  strengthen our intimacy with God before witnessing to the Risen Lord.  And I pondered how deeply our Foundress lived this call herself.” – Sr. Maria Lúcia Barbosa de Oliveira

“Our Second Chapter Call invites us to unsettle ourselves, to leave our comfort zones and reach out to others.  Dom Joaquim showed to us how our comfort zone is a much wider reality than usually perceived, and he concluded the morning by saying that God’s Love is the greatest comfort zone of all.  Experiencing this Love improves our self-confidence and thrusts us to give of ourselves and daringly face the challenges.  In his speech, he mentioned Pope Francis’ merciful attitude and how his example invites us to also be merciful toward each other.”   – Sr.  Marta Gomes Pedrosa

“The group dynamics which led our work together in the afternoon helped us reflect on our comfort zones, above all in sensitizing us about how much we must energize our ministries.” – Sr. Maria Antonieta Batista

“Communication as practiced within our charism does not let us lose our focus, namely Jesus Christ himself.  Going out of our comfort zones helps us root our action in Him and manage to renounce our preconceived ideas, and when needed, leaving our self-indulgency behind ”. – Associate Jairo José da Silva

“Knowing and exploring our comfort zones opens us to the possibility of finding a new path -- a path which allows us to seek healing, and loving the poor according to our charism.  If we really live this thoroughly as individuals and as a Congregation, we surely will be leaving our own personal comfort zone.” – Sr. Giannica Selmo

“Since its very beginning, our Congregation encouraged the Members to draw the energy for our journey by being open-minded and trusting in prayer.  These days of our Assembly have reinforced in me the need to be a witness to Christ, above all in our community.  In 2016, the Church invites us to live the Extraordinary Year of Mercy.  We are encouraged to grow both spiritually and concretely in our actions, while being the bearers of hope and joy, wide open to serve God’s Kingdom.  As we walk along our path together, we seek to respond to Mother Frances’ most heartfelt yearnings.” – Sr. Maria Bernadete Batista

“The morning presentation by Sr. Licia was a very rich experience for us.  She helped us recall the changes in our Congregational Structure since 1968.  With her, we went through the whole process of transformation in the light of the Second Vatican Council and of our Charism.  In the afternoon we briefly shared the life experiences we had throughout  the year. It helped us strengthen our hope in the future of our Congregation, while incarnating our healing charism.  Creative presentations from each Community closed the day with a golden key.” – Sr. Helena Paula Carvalho

“How good it is when we gather together for these days of our Assembly, days that are holy to me, during which we share about our community life.  Having Sr. Licia and Sr. Giannica in our midst further enriched our experience.  Sr. Licia’s presentation helped me understand the journey our Congregation has been pursuing in regard to our governance since 1968.  It was also enlivening to hear the Sisters who lived through it share their personal experiences.  Our Cultural Evening allowed us all to express ourselves creatively, providing for some joyful time of relaxation, with much laughter and lightness of heart.”  – Sr. Lécia José da Silva

“On October 11, we held an encounter with our Associates.  It was a day of sharing, celebration and prayer.  Sr. Giannica spoke to us and, after that, we all went to the chapel for the Thanksgiving Mass celebrating the Golden Jubilees of Sisters Helena Paula, Maria Antonieta and Maria Teresinha as well as the Jubilees of our Associates:  Arminda, Sabrina, Clari, Noeli e Teresinha.  A festive dinner followed, allowing further fraternization.” – Sr. Maria Teresinha de Jesus

 “When I consider our history, I feel encouraged once again to build the present and plan the future.  I am grateful to the past and confident in what God has in store for us.  As a Congregation, we have our history to build upon, but we must always consider whether our current services correspond to the original intentions of our Foundress”. – Sr. Júlia Batista Rocha

“Our Assembly in Goiânia gave me new vigor.  I renewed my willingness to serve our religious Community and those who are in need of healing even more deeply.  I felt encouraged to leave my comfort zone to respond to God’s call and do something more as a missionary of God’s Kingdom.”  – Sr. Maria Goretti

“Participating in our Assembly was replenishing to my soul and renewing to my vocation. In the joy of  our reunion and in the celebration of both our Sisters and Associates’ Jubilees, not only helped deepen our Second Chapter Call, but also to help us recognize how many comfort and discomfort zones there are around us. Sister Lécia’s perpetual vows ceremony  helped me live again what I experienced, not long ago, when I also professed my final vows.  I must say it is a truly heavenly experience to be had on earth!  That day is so beautiful, and so amazing that we should revisit it every day of our life and renew our promise as someone who is consecrated to the Lord”.  – Sr. Thalyta Pereira Lima

Presented by Sr. Lécia José da Silva

Published: March, 10, 2016

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clp 6The official photo of the 2016 Brazilian Area Assembly

clp 11The 2016 official photo of our Area, Sisters and Associates together