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 cri sab 08Sr. Mary Madonna, Sr. Marie Clement, Sr. Cristina, Sr. Karen and Sr. Mary Lawrence

When I started planning my Sabbatical year, I realized that I truly wanted to spend part of it with the Franciscan Sisters in USA.

cri sab 02Sr. Cristina with Sr. Pauline, Sr. Jeanne and Sr. TeresitaI am grateful to Leadership for making my wish come true. I am also grateful to Jesus and Mother Frances for helping me fully realize this journey. My only desire was “to stay” with each Sister and, as much as possible, with the different communities.

I spent some days in Brooklyn, some more days with the Sisters in Warwick and then, I spent two weeks in Cincinnati. They were simple days, but they offered deep sharing and, as usual, I received more love than I gave. We built new moments of fraternity and sharing: In Warwick I learned to appreciate quiet and peace, and the magnificence of the Creation.

I was inspired by the fortitude our Sisters show with their life and limits -- and the love they demonstrate for poor and suffering humanity.

cri sab 05The 60th anniversary of religious life of Sister Maris StellaI experienced the joy of Celebrating Sr. Maris Stella Footen’s 60th year in Consecrated life. Everyone was full of joy and gratitude for the loyalty of God, and for Maristella's generous answer. It also offered me an opportunity to meet many of the other Sisters and Associates -- and a lot of friends.

In Cincinnati I had the gift of praying with and saying goodbye to Sr. Arleen, Sr. Coletta and Sr. Grace Miriam before they left to Heaven. I breathed in the rarified air and I was deeply touched as I saw them accept the Fathers' Will, and find peaceful repose in His arms.

My days in the USA taught me a life lesson: I saw women who gave everything to make our charism flourish, and who still live with joy . I cannot hide the fact my eyes were often full of tears of gratitude for their testimony.

cri sab 01Sr. Cristina with Associate Maria and Sr. Marie ClementI also shared beautiful and meaningful moments with some friends. In New York I met some Filipino friends who are supporting our Dumaguete Mission. We rejoiced as we shared the life and developments of the Mission. In Cincinnati, Associate Maria Ciaudelli rounded up a group of enthusiastic young people with whom I shared the history of my vocation and my life – and who are very impressed it. I find that, like all young people, they seek a life that gives courage and hope.

I am really grateful to God because, in this short time, I experienced many aspects of Congregational life. I had enough time to visit with all and each of our Sisters. I sincerely thank all the Sisters, Associates and friends for their attentive care during my journey. I returned to Italy full of gratitude, and certain that this journey was really a gift from the Holy Spirit!                                                                                                  

Sr Cristina Di Nocco, sfp

Published: December 15, 2016




cri sab 07Sr. Marie Clement, Sr. Daniel Marie, Sr. Dorothy Ann, Sr. Cristina and Sr. Beth  

cri sab 03Sr. Maris Stella, Sr. Theresa, Sr. Mary Veronica, Sr. Cristina, Sr. Pauline e Sr. Bernadette