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us a 17 01Transformation: Recognizing the Risen Christ

Excitement…Anticipation…Readiness was in the room as the Sisters and Associates  gathered for the annual Area Assembly in Warwick (4/22) and Cincinnati (4/29).  
Sr. Licia Mazzia and Sr. Paola Zaccaria were special guests for both Assemblies.  

In Warwick, everyone gathered around a planter for the opening  ritual which included planting “seeds”. This theme was carried throughout the day. Sr. Marilyn gave an  
overview of all the planting/watering/harvesting that have  occurred within the Area over the last few years.  
Sr. Jeanne gave a reflection on “personal transformation”.  
In Cincinnati, everyone gathered in the Assisi room. The tables  displayed a flower container with the soil, stones, bulbs, moss  and the flower…the stages of transformation. 

The opening prayer centered around the Litany of the Holy Spirit composed by Richard Rohr.

We learned the Spirit Divine mantra:                 

us a 17 02Joyce HuntingtonSpirit of Love, enfold and teach us.

Spirit of Peace, rest deep within us.

Spirit of Change, transform and heal us.

Spirit Divine, Spirit Divine. 

Sr. Nancy Linenkugel, osf gave an insightful and delightful presentation  on transformation in St. Francis’s life.  

In the afternoon at both Assemblies Sr. Licia presented a video demonstrating each Area and their members witnessing to the Risen Life of Christ.

us a 17 03The video concluded with a beautiful image of a Mandala tree representing the beauty and growth of our Congregation. There was a lively exchange of questions  and answers with Sr. Licia. Both days ended with a celebration of Eucharistic. Sr. Kathleen Reynolds, Sr. Grace Frances Strauber and Sr. Judy Nagy are our Jubilarians. Sr. Licia led us all in the renewal of our Vow.  

Our time together was renewing and refreshing.
We left energized to be the face of the Resurrected Christ to our world.

Sister June Casterton, SFP

Published: 24 May, 2017