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abr 06The participants in the Assembly

abr 012Sr. Lecia in a moment of prayerabr 014Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. – Romans 12: 2
 abr 011Sr. Maria Lúcia, sr. Lícia and sr. Maria Helena
 abr 010Sr. Licia presents the Assembly's theme
 abr 09Working group of Jamile and the sisters
 abr 08Sr. Licia and SFP associates Édina, Áureo, Salomé and Jairo

 The theme of the 2017 Brazilian Area Assembly was TransFormAção, meant to be an invitation for us to leave our comfort zones in order to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters, in yet another annual celebration and formation. Transformation was the expectation that motivated us.

This year's Assembly was held from July 06 to 09. We counted with the graceful presence of our Congregational Minister, Sister Licia Mazzia and of our Congregational Treasurer, Sr. Paola Zaccaria. We also counted with the participation of our Associates living in Goiânia.

We held together beautiful moments of prayer and study, of reflection, sharing of information and leisure, favoring the participation of everyone in the process and practice of TransFormAction.

In the activities we carried out, there was always an opennes and invitation to welcome each oner in this process of TransFormAction, which began at our Congregational Conference in 2016 in Rome, and is being transmitted through the implementation of the 2013 General Chapter Direction and Calls.

It was interesting to observe, during the presentation of all the contents, especially in a Congregational video introduced by Sister Licia, how people live our Charism in the various cultural frameworks, Sisters and Associates in all our Geographic Areas and Mission. It was easy to feel how Mother Frances’ legacy is being experienced with fidelity in the various ministries to promote the life of all creatures of God. In all the Areas, the richness of our multiculturality is quite touching.

Sister Licia spoke to us about the origins of our pioneering Sisters’ missions to remote areas as carried out by Mother Frances and her companions. Together with the poor, they faced numerous challenges, often being tested in their faithfulness. Their persistence and courage, however, prevailed, and their example encourages us today to respond to God’s call to serve, everywhere, with their same faithfulness.

The efficiency and effectiveness of our group work was very rewarding, as it provided much integration and dialogue in the discernment of the tasks ahead.

We also had a joyful June Festival, a Brazilian cultural tradition usually around the Feast of St. John the Baptist. Instead, we held a very successful "July Festival" that by the way was remarkable and has become a fundraiser part of our SFP tradition. This occasion gave us a lot of fun, sociability and integration between our Sisters and the surrounding community. It was a joy to have with us our aspirant Jamily, our Associastes and their friends. We all dressed in character, Country costumes, and performed a beautiful and lively quadrille, or square dance.

The space was beautifully decorated with many color little flags on strings, and organized with tables and chairs with sufficient accommodation for everyone. And we had stalls selling typical foods and drinks, popcorn, peanut brittle, mulled wine, everything was delicious!

For many people there is no Festa Junina withou a good bingo match and our evening’s highligts included a lively distribution of prizes to the winners.
During our Assembly, we asked people to meditate on the question: "What has contributed the most to your Transformation process, in the precious time of grace up to this Assembly that the Lord has given to you?”

Each participant was invited to reflect, individually and in community, about all the richness in this Assembly’s contents, as instruments of light, strength and energy in preparation for our 2018 Chapter.

Sr. Helena Paula Carvalho, SFP

Published: September 08, 2017

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abr 013Sisters and associates during the Assembly


abr 07Sisters and associates in a moment of break  abr 05Sr. Tânia, SPF associates Jairo and sr. Helena Paula during the Julina Feast
abr 03Sr. Marta and sr. Paola during the Eucharistic celebration abr 02Sr. Licia and sr. Maria Helena during the Eucharistic celebration

 abr 01Edina and Áureo receving the Blessing of Father Nelson