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“Everything really depends on how well you use your lifetime…” - (Bl. Frances Schervier)


nuova generazioneThe sentence holds simple words, with profound meaning. The next generation might even tell us that this sentence reflects what matters most for them: to be real, to be relevant to the world that encircles their lives, to be in relationship based on love and to be willing to offer a radical response to all of life.



In a world society where life commitments are tested and constantly questioned, fifteen young women boldly said a profound “yes” to God -- with their very lives. These women are teachers, social workers, therapists, pastoral ministers and doctors from Italy, Brazil and Senegal.



They are in Formation with the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor: the next generation of the daughters of Blessed Frances Schervier. They want to be a healing presence for our fragile world and wounded creation.


My Practical Experience of Poverty


During my formation in Koungheul, I went with Sister Rose Ndong to the clinic for two weeks. One morning a young woman on a cart driven by her mother arrived. She was in very serious condition, and the nursing staff...

Personal Transformation through Healing

22preview I am so grateful to God for my life and the people with whom I live -- those in religious community and the community of God's people. Everyday experiences give me opportunities to dive into and deepen our healing charism...

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