The Next Generation Speaks..

sistersSistersThe women in formation gathered in June in the United States to attend a seminar sponsored by the Congregation entitled “Sowing Seeds of Healing.” For two weeks they were exposed to various opportunities to get to know one another, share prayer and life together and grasp he fuller life of the Congregation. They went from our past into the present and they stepped into the horizon of the future.

At the conclusion of the seminar, they were asked to share their perspectives on four questions related to their call to religious life: the blessings and then the challenges of religious life; their advice for young people today; and their hopes for the Church and the world.

Their insights were so enriching that we want to share with our readers the hope that lives within the hearts of the next generation. May we listen deeply…


Sr. Lécia, Sr. Thalyta, Sr. JennySr. Lécia, Sr. Thalyta, Sr. Jenny“The blessing of religious life for me has been the opportunities to grow in self-knowledge, self-discovery and inner integration.

The challenge has been to know myself and let myself be known. Knowing one’s self widens one’s horizons while breaking one’s barriers.”

Sr. Lecia Da Silva, Brazil

“Both the world and the Church need care and healing. I desire for them a style made of simplicity, the ability to dialogue and to live out their convictions, an awareness that everything is interconnected -- and therefore can affect the development of all life.”

Sr. Jenny Favarin, Italy


“I would like to share with the young….there is a God who will never abandon you! God is faithful, does not judge…God loves you just as you are with both your talents and your weaknesses…”

Sr. Maria Grazia Attanasi, Italy

“Religious life seemed the simplest and most concrete way to respond to God’s love for me by giving God and my sisters and brothers all that I am…” 

Cinzia La Calce, Italy

“I would tell all people to dare to adventure. Make a journey with a spirit of abandonment and confidence because God is faithful.”

Thérèse Tapsoba, Senegal

Thérèse, Sr. Gemma, Sr. FrancescaThérèse, Sr. Gemma, Sr. Francesca

“My advice to young people is to pray with faith, never let yourself get discouraged and to allow yourself to be shaped by Christ, the big Potter.”

Sr. Gemma Toupane, Senegal

“My hope for both the Church and the world is to grow more and more in being a family where diversities can coexist because they enrich everyone.”

Sr. Francesca Vitulano, Italy


“Seeing the beauty of communal life led me to consider religious Life and the chance to give myself radically to God.”

Sr. Mara Bellutta, Italy

“The blessings of religious life for me are the grace and strength that come from sharing and from carrying each other’s burdens. The challenge is to be more authentic, transparent and to witness to the Gospel.”

Sr. Vera Crisafulli, Italy  

“My wish is to be a sign of hope for the world, so that the world may be fertile soil for healing, giving dignity and bringing good news, just as Jesus did.”

Sr. Vincenza Scassillo, Italy


Sr Vera, Sr. Francesca, Sr. Mara, Sr. Vincenza Cinzia e Maria ChiaraSr Vera, Sr. Francesca, Sr. Mara, Sr. Vincenza Cinzia and Maria Chiara“I hope …the world may learn to take care of the weakest…and the Church may more and more recognize and respond to the needs of society.”

Maria Chiara Ferrari, Italy

“Advice to young people…listen only to what speaks to your heart and only then decide which way you should go….”

Sr. Thalyta Pereira Lima, Brazil

“I would tell the young that they should allow themselves “to be jostled” in life, in their convictions or securities and in the way that they conceive life, happiness, the world and God, because God is the One who walks with us and wants our happiness.”

Domitilde Manga, Senegal

“Piantare semi di guarigione”Sr Vera, Sr. Francesca, Sr. Mara, Sr. Vincenza Cinzia and Maria Chiara“I would invite the young to cultivate their personality and to show by their life that what is important is not what people think and say, but who they actually are in front of God.”

Jacqueline Compaore, Senegal

“If I had some advice to give to young people today, I would tell them that it is worthwhile to dedicate one’s life to Jesus because He will never disappoint them.”

Sr. Sophie Dioh, Senegal

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