Encounter: Foundation of our Life Together

6At the carnival together

I learned many things during the 2011 Healing Conference. Here is a point that stays with me from Sr. Antonietta Potente’s presentation: our attitude towards those whom we commonly call “the poor,” and who are often considered inferior to us, and are considered as people who cannot bring nor teach us anything.

Another important message for me has been our relationship to one another, about meeting with our brother or sister that Father Anthony Gittins developed and I paraphrase: “To love, we must encounter.” It is one of the important aspects of the evangelizing mission of God brought by Jesus. For the Congregation, I think the message is to become aware that the mission belongs to God and that God's people will not be left without witnesses.

I chose these messages because they deeply touched me. In fact, the connection with these points is the foundation of our life -- the mission is our reason for being a Congregation. With respect to the integration of the healing messages, I focused on the relationship with the people I meet daily at school, Mass, home and during my visits to the families.

5Sr. Domitilde with the Samine Daycare Center children

During the conference, we mentioned a few small gestures that bring life, hope and joy to the people we meet: a warm welcome, a smile, sympathetic listening, simple presence, etc. I live in Samine and when I have the chance I visit families of the area, I do not bring anything with me and sometimes I do not even sit in their homes. Nevertheless, I see and  feel the enthusiasm of the children who are happy to be noticed and greeted. Adults are also thankful and touched because a “Sister” visits them.

Thank you! Domi

Sr. Domitilde Manga, sfp


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