Personal Transformation through Healing

22Sr. Lécia José da Silva, SFP

“You are Christians, and therefore people who live, who exude and who heal with hope.  It is an essential component of your healing charism.  Your hope is rooted and grounded in God’s promises never to abandon those who love…..” 
-Fr. Anthony Gittins, CSSp

“When we contribute to the healing of others, we also allow ourselves to be healed.”

I am so grateful to God for my life and the people with whom I live -- those in religious community and the community of God's people. Everyday experiences give me opportunities to dive into and deepen our healing charism and open to me the possibility of spreading the aroma of co-existence and community.

God is kind, loving, and present in every creature. While using each person as an instrument, God touches each of our souls according to our personal capacity and openness toward each other. God is freedom and never abandons those He loves.  I have experienced his infinite love on my journey, and witnessed the same happen in the lives of others.

Evangelization and Transformation
We, as Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, are called to the mission of evangelizing through our healing charism. We put ourselves forward and accept the process of personal transformation, while serving and being in solidarity with impoverished people.  We share our lives by responding to those who cry out for justice.

In Goiânia, Brazil, we work with the Residencial Sonho Dourado (The Golden Dream Community). We also have our Frances Schervier Formation Center, which is currently used for liturgical celebrations and meetings with local people. Our desire is to revitalize people’s faith and provide for human, spiritual, educational and artistic orientation. We develop educational, cultural and recreational projects to reach out to children, adolescents and women.

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Sr. Lécia calls forth creativity in The Golden Dream Community

A New Project
In 2011, I started a project with senior women called The Blooming Group. This is an occupational therapy model for women 40 plus years of age, facilitating possibilities for a healthier aging process. This happens through the dynamics of various activities for clients.

I have developed therapeutic activities favoring their social integration through the use of body language along with expression and art, calling forth creativity and development of overall coordination, growth in self-esteem and attention span. This helps the women become more integrated into their culture.

It is gratifying to walk with these women toward reaching our goals. We always search for something innovative to keep journeying and meeting challenges. The group’s enthusiasm has taken me out of my own complacency.

Through several therapeutic endeavors, we have brought into the light many talents that had been hidden for years. In December, we enriched the community with a beautiful, artistic presentation that celebrated Christmas. It was so rewarding to see their eyes glow with joy and enthusiasm and see the life and rebirth that comes from inside and restores human dignity.

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The Blooming Group's artistic celebration

I have witnessed the healing of many people who managed to break through their personal barriers, improving in self-knowledge and recovering self-esteem. When we contribute to the healing of others, we also allow ourselves to be healed. The desire and enthusiasm of being transformed by God’s grace grows in abundance and also prepares us to become transforming people.

Sr. Lécia José da Silva, SFP

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