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“A life given”
My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior. The Lord leaned over me and opened wide the door to a new life. I give thanks for God’s serene gaze and free love. The consecration of my life to God is the most wonderful thing God has given me! I am very thankful to God and to every member of the Congregation. I also thank all the people who showed me their love and sustained me with their prayers.

This happy event was a beautiful opportunity to introduce people to Mother Frances and to her charism and to awaken the desire of young women who want to dedicate their lives to God through religious life.

jacqueline 01Sr. Jacqueline and some Sistersjacqueline 02Sr. Jacqueline and Sr. Annunziata

“To Jesus”
Thanks to the retreat in preparation for my profession, I understood that the love of Christ helps me to defeat evil where I am and to persevere in the good. Jesus has walked patiently with me and never abandoned me; He has helped me to grow in His love and in the love of others.

“For the growth of his Reign”
Jesus is my only Treasure, a Treasure hidden in the field that I discovered and who molds me according to His good will. I chose to sell everything to acquire this Treasure. Courage, prayer and love were the tools that helped me look for it. Thus, Jesus wants that I remain faithful to Him by the witness of my life and my trust in Him.

jacqueline 03Sr. Jacqueline and Sr. Marie Augustinejacqueline 04Sr. Jacqueline signing her commitment

“Among us”
In the name of fraternity and friendship and as a sign of our communion in God, many people came to pray with us and to share my joy. During the reception at the Parish, I noticed that the sun had leaned over to listen attentively to our impressions. God used the rays of this star to distribute his graces among us. I enthusiastically watched the crowd of guests who were around me; they were astonished by the photos that were taken after the Eucharist. Other people savored their croquettes while talking cheerfully or dancing to the rhythm of music. At the lunch, the beverages of Burkina Faso and Senegalese dishes were accompanied by good chicken, tasty cakes and bottles of champagne which gave the event a really festive color. The Franciscan joy was present until the night came to close the eyes of the fading day.

“And in the world”
As a Missionary following Saint Francis and Mother Frances, I am happy to bear witness to the presence of Jesus among poor and suffering humanity through confident prayer and concrete service.

“With much gratitude”
United with my family, great and sincere thanks to every member of the Congregation as well as my friends and acquaintances, who in the name of our friendship have been united with us through prayer and who have shown me their affection. May the Emmanuel, “God among us,” fill us with a flood of grace for a happy life in Him. Amen!

jacqueline 05Sr. Jacqueline and Sr. Teresajacqueline 06Sr. Jacqueline dancing with Sr. Francesca












 Sister Jacqueline Compaore, SFP

Published: January 16, 2014