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m3Maria Chiara with Sr. MarinaAugust 30 was truly a special day in my life, a day full of joy! After spending 5 years in Rome, I consecrated my life as a Member of the SFP family.

m4Sr. Maria ChiaraThe day I was to say ‘yes’ had come, and I felt protected and supported by so much goodness that God sent to me through people!

My sisters from the community went out of their way to get everything ready:  from the house (that was shining), to my heart prepared together with them at prayer: so the Mass would be special and familiar at the same time! I felt another wave of love when my family of origin -- and some people dear to me -- arrived.

I recognized, in the love I was shown that day, that the deepest roots of my ‘yes’ were in God: the rock upon Whom I will build my consecrated life.

The feeling that He accompanied me throughout the Vow ceremony was very natural, I felt like I was in the right place, the place God prepared so carefully for me, the place my entire life had led me to.

I was very emotional, of course, but all that emotion did not stop me from participating and being joyful for what was happening.

m1Sr. Maria Chiara with some girls at Casetta Nova m6Sr. Maria Chiara with her family

Now my look has changed a little bit, I wear a brown dress, which is not common for young women today. But for me it has assumed great value: it explains, without words, that I want to pass on the good that God wants for all people in everything I do; it is a gift from the Sisters: a token of my journey, representing the life they have shared with me, together with love for the poor and the Franciscan way; it represents wanting to fight and dream together for humanity that is suffering.
This dress is the color of the earth and reminds me that only by listening and welcoming the Word of God will my efforts bear fruit.
I ask the Lord to help me share what He planted in my life so I can be a sign of the hope to all those I meet.


m2Sr. Maria Chiara with the community of Casetta Nova


Sister Maria Chiara, sfp

Published: October 23, 2014