Géneviève Ndecky, Pélagie Ilboudo and Jacqueline Flavienne Sane  entered house of formation of Keur Falls, Dakar on the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi. On that same feast day, Véronique Thioune entered the prenovitiate. They were welcomed by Sister Marie Augustine Ndione, the CCA for the Senegal Area. The Sisters, Associates, family members and friends participated in the celebration. Here is their witness.


z 05Géneviève and her family“The celebration began with Mass  - very simple, yet very beautiful and rich in prayer. In his homily Abbot Paul Bakary urged us to cultivate a deep relationship with Jesus: the source from whom we draw our strength.

The gospel of the day spoke to me and touched me. It was the story of Jesus sending out His disciples two by two, telling them to bring nothing with them and to trust that the Father will provide for them.

In his life on earth, Jesus followed His Father's will – and taught us how to live: to follow the Father’s will and help will always be there for us.”


“This day for me was very meaningful, a day full of emotions and happiness. When I spoke about my experience and received the Tau and the Constitutions, I felt in me a deep joy that sprang from my heart.  At that moment, the Lord tenderly filled me with His infinite Love.

z 01Pélagie receives the Tau and the Constitutions

“In his homily, the Abbot Paul invited us to benefit from this time of grace in order to meet the Christ heart to heart as described in this beautiful song:
“I have my heart in your heart, Jesus, and your heart in my heart, Jesus, for you are here in all my life, and you love me so much and you love me forever.”  

He also invited us to rejoice because the disciples cast out demons by the Name and power of Jesus. ..for as Jesus says it: “my name is written in heaven.” It was a day of confidence and total abandonment to God, but it was also a day of fraternal communion as we shared our joy with our Sisters, friends, Associates and families who came to sustain us through their prayers. 

My novitiate begins in a happy atmosphere, full of enthusiasm.  I entrust myself to your fervent prayers that I may advance in following Christ in the footsteps of Saint Francis and Blessed Mother Frances.”


Jacqueline Flavienne

z 04Jacqueline and her big brother Joël“This day was a special experience in my journey, because GOD once again entered my life. I felt and I saw the constant presence of God, and I paused to contemplate this significant change in my life: it is enough for me because everything is Grace.

Ideally, I will sustain myself by constantly seeking to stay in relation with my dear Jesus. I chose this life because I want to stay with Him against all odds. “I hear the call to the humility, that is to say the call to learn to be emptied out in order to be filled by the presence of God.

Following such an experience, I entrust myself to the Divine grace, to Saint Francis, to Mother Frances and to your humble prayers to live fully this important time in the Novitiate.”


z 03Véronique and her family with Sister Marie Augustine

“I give thanks to God, who in His infinite love and mercy, allowed me to make my first steps in the family of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor. Thank you for trusting us and for accepting us for this step. It was an
exceptional day for me, and my heart burns with gratitude and joy. The medal of our Blessed Mother Frances and the Constitutions give me the strength to go forward. The face of each person radiated with prayer, peace, fraternity and contentment. My parents were very happy to be invited, and to meet the Sisters. Their meeting with Sister Marie Augustine was a beautiful witness of simplicity for them.
“By these words I want to express to you my appreciation and my deep gratitude for the trust you put in me and for your warm welcome as you accepted me as Pre-Novice in your religious family. The entry into the Pre-Novitiate indicates my admission to your religious Institute and encourages me to pursue my journey. My only objectives are to discover the Christ, the spirituality of St. Francis and the life of your Congregation according to the charism of our Mother Frances Schervier.”


z 02The moment to cut the delicious cake, “made by Sister Teresa Lamparelli,” with our Formation Director, Sister Sylviane

Community Agape San Damiano

Published: December 11, 2014