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smgr 05Sr. Monica, sr. Barbara, sr, Raffaella, Carmen, sr. Jenny, sr. Michela, Roberta, sr. Cinzia

 smgr 06"Soul, be strong! Persevere, be faithful! Bear fruit, wake up the world!"
A Meeting of International Young Consecrated Persons called “Wake Up the World” was held in Rome from September 15 to 19 2015 – a highly anticipated event. It opened with a prayer vigil in Piazza San Pietro, and was followed by days of catechesis on vocation, fraternal life, and the mission. They were special moments of grace. For example, when the Pope invited us to be prophets as we bear witness, to remain to Him with hearts that burn and warm the hearts of others -- and to be the memory of the astonishment we felt when the Lord saw us for the first time: “The Lord always encounters us definitively; He loves us forever, he accompanies us forever”.

smgr 01They were days of grace spent under the banner of sharing experienced to the full in small places scattered around the city of Rome where everyone shared their own vocational experience, and the service in their respective congregations.

Sr. Barbara Torregrossa said: “Recalling memories of the first time the Lord invited me to follow him was incredible. In one catechesis, we learned that the sequela is a relationship between those who call and those who are called, and that as a consequence, it is vital to listen: a call does not exist without someone to listen. The Lord called me and gave me a specific mission to perform for Him. Making a vow to the Lord means a life of complete faith in which one abandons one's ‘certainties’ and acts according to God’s measures.”

smgr 03“I felt a strong sense of belonging in a family, which for me meant two things," Pre-novice Carmen De Matteo said. "On the one hand, I felt I belonged in a single large Family, the Church, on the other hand I carried with me the specific and special nature of our Religious Family, the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor.”

“These days were marked, inevitably, by the words of Pope Francis," said Sr. Jenny Favarin, "Who encouraged us to be prophetic - men and women with hearts aflame to evangelize to our brothers, aware of the memory that pushes us and that makes us who we are, but at the same time aware of having to be a sign of definitive choice, in what is increasingly a throw-away culture.”

They were days of grace spent under the banner of giving. Days dreamed about and prepared for in the name of a larger communion, one rooted in God, and which opens arms to our brothers and sisters. Roberta Sommaggio, Novice, said: “A heart in which God lives cannot help but beat and radiate the love that it has known, dismantling and transforming the barriers and fears that "doing without" Him often entails. And this guarantees that the people whose lives intersect with ours will meet Him through us, through our prayer, our relationships, and our continued and faithful search for God."
These were days of grace in the company of Mary, the Mary of the Fiat, courageous and trusting, who continues to accompany us as we renew our vow to God and be a living Gospel, and give fruit, abundant fruit.

Shared by Carmen De Matteo, Sr. Jenny Favarin,
Roberta Sommaggio and Sr. Barbara Torregrossa.


Published: February 12, 2016

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