Poponguine 2017 

Pop 01Sr. Jacqueline during a breakFor the 129th time, the Church’s family of God in Senegal, made a Pilgrimage of Faith and Penitence on the hills of Our Lady of the Deliverance in Poponguine.

The occasion was in remembrance of the 25th anniversary of the visit of St. Pope John Paul II to Senegal on February 21, 1992 -- and to celebrate especially his visit to Poponguine’s Marian Shrine.

The theme for this pilgrimage was: “Mary, Mother and Educator: a model for our families and communities.”

Thousands of pilgrims, came from 7 Diocese; Senegal, the Republic of the Gambia, Mauritania, Cameroon and Mali, to celebrate our Lady of the Deliverance and to pray for three Continents (Europe, Africa and America).

On this occasion 1540 pilgrims came together at the parish of Marie Immaculée des Parcelles Assainies from June 3rd to the 5th. I was one of them.

I was deeply involved in this pilgrimage, and I am very happy to share with you my own experience of this path of faith.

Pop 02The parish of Marie Immaculée in Pacelles Assainies Pop 03During the pilgrimage 

We young people walked 32 miles, sharing the suffering of Christ – a distance far outside my comfort zone.

Yet, even though I was very tired, I was happy. My efforts were supported by Mother Mary, and I offered my suffering for the intentions of poor and suffering humanity.

Pop 04Entrance processionI was impressed by the theme chosen: our biological family is the place where we received life, faith and our values.

Every one of my ancestors passed down to me these things, so to help me to fulfill myself. My family is also the place where I learned to overcome the difficulties of life and to let myself be shaped by God’s good grace.

Further, the Congregation and my local community are gifts that support my dedication to Christ and encourage my contemplation of the Holy Virgin as a model of faith. 

I am as a daughter of God through Mary, and I am sure that every human family is under Her protection. Pop 05His Excellency Jean Pierre Bassène, Bishop of the Kolda Diocese

The Mass of June 5 was led by his Excellency Jean Pierre Bassène, Bishop of the Kolda Diocese.

In his sermon, he urged us to take inspiration from the life of Mary: an ordinary woman, and a source of goodness, faith, hope and love. Thus, God’s destiny is manifest in our life, families and communities.

Despite the world’s problems, we thank God for his wonderful creations and the enlargement of His kingdom.

I truly “thank” the Congregation for letting me participate in this grace-filled event, Pop 06During the massand ask to the Holy Virgin to be a loving mother to every human being.                                                      


Sr. Jacqueline Compaore



 Pop 07Offertory procession Pop 08Sr. Jacqueline in the village with some pilgrims 


Published: August 18, 2017