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"What we do with our heart affects the whole universe."

What indeed, are your heart’s holdings? What gives you a sense of deep hope and sincere compassion? What brings you to healing?


carisma oggi 1Last June many had the opportunity to partake in the Congregational Conference, Healing Gift: Today and Beyond. The Conference proved for those in attendance to be a rich opportunity with challenging presenters, exposure to alternative healing modalities and endless international exchange and dialogue. The energy produced within the Conference has been kept alive and vibrating in motion through Assemblies, Gatherings, Circles and informal meetings.


In December/January, the Congregation provided everyone with a copy of the 2012 Healing Calendar yet another means of deepening personal and communal healing through prayer.

mfm 00In recent years, Franciscan Sisters of the Poor have been reflecting on ways to involve more lay people in the journey of the Congregation. For this reason, we prepared a ‘Charism formation journey’ to promote knowledge of Blessed...

mg 00On August 22, 2017, the feast of the Queenship of Mary about 50 Sisters, staff, friends and gardeners gathered for the dedication of the Marian Garden on St. Clare Campus for those Sisters who pioneered or maintained our healing presence ...