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“Oh, my God, I know, that life
Should be much better-- and -- it will be!
But this does not prevent me from repeating:
It is beautiful, it is beautiful, and it is beautiful...”
[From the song: ‘What is It, What Is It?” by Luiz Gonzaga Jr. , Brazil]


I believe that the time has come for us to open ourselves to the building of pluralistic communities, starting with precise objectives befitting today’s needs.
With this perspective we ought not to have pretensions of accomplishing great things.


From the perspective of a woman theologian, how do you define the word HOPE? Hope is a feeling and a virtue rooted in the human person, which expresses itself ...

6preview The Chapter Planning Committee was truly inspired and insightful when together they arrived at this Chapter Theme. In addition to its being current, healing energy is urgently needed in our society.

comunità e speranza

What is your sense of community that our world yearns for? I live in Camaragibe, Brazil. It is in this tropical place, filled with enormous challenges and poverty that I have come...


We see the Chapter theme as extremely necessary for the healing of the Community of Life. It is through the Energy of Christ that all healing takes place and the Community of Life needs this energy to survive.


At first the General Chapter 2013 theme did not seem clear to me: “To set free the healing energy of Christ.” What energy? As I prayed and reflected about this, I understood that...


To set free the healing energy of Christ in my teaching ministry to the little ones is for me a school of giving and receiving. Yes, children can amaze us and express themselves in a very direct way.