"What we do with our heart affects the whole universe."

What indeed, are your heart’s holdings? What gives you a sense of deep hope and sincere compassion? What brings you to healing?


carisma oggi 1Last June many had the opportunity to partake in the Congregational Conference, Healing Gift: Today and Beyond. The Conference proved for those in attendance to be a rich opportunity with challenging presenters, exposure to alternative healing modalities and endless international exchange and dialogue. The energy produced within the Conference has been kept alive and vibrating in motion through Assemblies, Gatherings, Circles and informal meetings.


In December/January, the Congregation provided everyone with a copy of the 2012 Healing Calendar yet another means of deepening personal and communal healing through prayer.

Spirituality: The Sign of Our Times

The signs that encircle our lives are bearers of our future. They challenge us, ready or not, to move beyond our comfort zones. Signs expand our horizons, penetrate our souls, and call us...

The gift we have received we give to each of you

Ann Cecile Albers previewGood Shepherd Community started using the healing Calendar together in Community in January. We did the individual experience and then shared each month at our community...


Like the earth, my life ...

Sr. Sophie Dioh, sfp“Like the earth, my life also goes through seasonal shifts". When I am outdoors and contemplate nature, going beyond what I see, a feeling of wonder before so much splendor arises from my heart...

A fabulous and powerful experience

maria elena carvalho previewI begin by recalling a passage I once read about how our perception of the world, others, and everything else takes place within and among ourselves. Our personal and professional performance...

Month by Month Blessings

mary madonna hoying previewThe impact of the 2012 Healing Calendar for me was a blessing in many ways.  Each month at our Community Meeting, after house business was finished, we shared about how that month’s calendar...

What You Have Received as a Gift, Give as a Gift

14a previewMany messages from the Healing Conference are imprinted in my spirit and in the active life of service to our community and to the poorest among us -- whom God, in His infinite goodness places along my path...

Gift of Healing: Enfleshing our Charism

ribeiro machado previewParticipating in our Healing Conference was indeed a remarkable and meaningful experience for me, and I believe for all the Sisters, Associates and friends of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor who were present...

Feeling "poor"…

2previewDuring this past year following our Healing Conference, I found myself thinking frequently about “poverty.” I thought it was evident, and by now that its meaning in my life would be “clear."

Ways of healing

bernadette sullivan previewOur Healing Charism is a blessing for us and for all those with whom we come in contact.  Sister Antonietta Potente said that God’s making all things new “happens mostly in strange silent transformations.”

Acceptance - and Differences can be Healing

beth Rindler previewI have several thoughts in response to Father Gittins' statement: “You are Christians, and therefore people who live, who exude and who heal with hope. It is an essential component of your healing charism."

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