Ways of healing

bernadette sullivanSr. Bernadette Sullivan, sfp

Our Healing Charism is a blessing for us and for all those with whom we come in contact.  Sister Antonietta Potente said that God’s making all things new “happens mostly in strange silent transformations.”

These are some of my experiences with our healing charism...
On the subway, I often pray silently for the healing of all those on the train with me. God knows in what way each one needs to be healed. Sometimes I have the opportunity to engage them in conversation and they ask for prayers, or they appreciate being listened to.

I have experienced the interventions of God in my life through people, prayer, discernment and seeing God’s revelation in the natural world. Concerned about a decision I needed to make, I was reflectively walking in a garden one day.  I picked up Teresa of Avila’s admonition,  which was on a holy card lying on the grass:  “Let nothing upset you, nothing frighten you.  All else is passing.  God alone remains.” I was encouraged and reminded that God never leaves me.

While on sabbatical in Florida, I realized I was not praying the usual daily prayers and asked myself if I was praying.  Some transformation was happening.  I was gazing and praising!  Gazing at the beautiful herons, flamingos and egrets, the palm trees dancing in the wind and praising God for God’s amazing variety in creation.  I was praying, but in a different way.

After an accident, when I was sure that my leg was broken, the doctor assured me three times that it was not, because he said, “God is with you!” I will never forget his witness of faith.  I was worried and fearful about ever crossing the street again.  I called Sister Betty Igo, who had taught me about the Healing of Memories, and followed her guidance.

Rosa, a friend, should be dying of cancer.  Some of us have been praying for her and she has been on our SFP Prayer page.  Rosa tells me, “Thank you and thank all the Sisters for the prayers.  My God takes care of me.” She is the mother of two young girls.  Her courage, faith and goodness inspire me.

Sr. Bernadette Sullivan, sfp


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