ma 01Nearly 50 Sisters, Associates, and employees gathered on April 21 for the Mission Alive! presentation in the Chiara Room of The Peace Center at St. Clare Convent

ma 06Sr. Licia Mazzia hands the plaque to Sr. Ann Cecile Albers, Community Minister of St. Clare Convent 
 ma 04Sr. Marvi Delrivo congratulates Estelle McNair, director of Franciscan Haircuts from the Heart, on her design and production of the Mission Integration plaques
 ma 05Sr. Licia Mazzia presents Facilities Engineer Brian Clipson the Mission Integration plaque to be hung in the Facilities Maintenance Department at St. Clare Convent in Cincinnati

“Live the Mission. Let it come alive in and through us.”
Those words from Sr. Marilyn Trowbridge, Congregational Councilor of the US Area, summed up the presentation of “Mission Alive!”—the unveiling of the Area’s and sponsored ministries’ Mission Statements, Values, and Vision held April 21 in The Peace Center in Cincinnati.
Nearly 50 people— including Sisters, Congregational Minister Sr. Licia Mazzia, First Councilor Sr. Marvi Delrivo, Associates, lay staff, and the six directors of Franciscan Ministries, Inc.—attended the 30-minute presentation prepared by Mission Integration Co-directors Sr. June Casterton and Sr. Jo-Ann Jackowski.
Sr. Marilyn opened the gathering by welcoming all with a prayer from St. Teresa of Avila:
Christ has no body now but yours.
No hands, no feet on earth but yours.
Yours are the eyes through which he looks
compassion on this world;

Yours are the feet with which he blesses all the world.
Yours are the hands, yours are the feet,
Yours are the eyes;
You are his body.

After a call to prayer that featured scriptural readings proclaimed by Sr. Licia, Sr. Marvi, and Sr. Marilyn, with responses from those gathered, Sr. Marilyn and Monica Smith, Franciscan Ministries, Inc., Administrator, summoned representatives from each US Area department and sponsored ministry to accept a plaque on behalf of the Sisters, employees, and volunteers in that department. The wall plaque wording, created by the Mission Integration Co-directors, along with focus groups of Sisters, employees, and ministry directors, spelled out the Mission Statement, Core Values, and Vision unique to the US Area and to Franciscan Ministries, Inc. Estelle McNair, director of Franciscan Haircuts from the Heart, oversaw the design and production of the plaques.

‘The Gift You Have Received, Give as a Gift’

“Over the past two years, effort has been given to developing the mission and values. For the Area employees, we have taken the Mission Statement from the employee handbook,” explained Sr. Marilyn.
“In offering herself to God for poor and suffering of humanity,” Sr. Marilyn continued, “Mother Frances Schervier in a very deep sense heeded the words of the gospel: ‘The gift you have received, give as a gift.’ Following her example we offer our gifts and talents to those we serve. Our actions become a healing presence as we recognize the dignity of each person.”
For the US Area, Sr. Marilyn listed the Core Values—compassion, collaboration, service, and spirituality—and the Vision—“to provide the best quality of life to all whom we serve.” She told attendees that “these are our aspirations as well as inspiration.”
The Mission Statements for each of the sponsored ministries arose from a collaborative exchange between the Congregational Leadership and the Franciscan Ministries, Inc., Board of Directors. “The Mission Statements for all the ministries were inspired and energized by the examples of Mother Frances: ‘We create caring relationships through a healing presence that fosters dignity in the people we serve,’” Sr. Marilyn said.
The Core Values of the sponsored ministries surfaced from discussions among the six ministry directors and Franciscan Ministries, Inc., Administrator Monica Smith: integrity, compassion, empowerment, collaboration. Each sponsored ministry wrote its own Vision statement.

The Mission Takes on Flesh

“This day is important,” Sr. Marilyn said, “because the mission comes alive in us and, in some ways, takes on flesh through us. The prayer of St. Teresa says it so well: ‘We are the hands and feet of God.’”
The Mission Alive! presentation concluded with prayer asking the God of Wisdom to give people strength to carry out the Mission, Values, and Vision so that they may be a healing presence to all they are privileged to serve.
Lay employees of St. Francis Convent in Warwick, New York, will participate in a Mission Alive! presentation in Warwick at a later date.

By Lisa Biedenbach
US Area Administrative Assistant

ma 02(Back row, left to right) Sr. Jo-Ann Jackowski (Co-director, Mission Integration); Sr. Marilyn Trowbridge; Estelle McNair (Director, Franciscan Haircuts from the Heart); Sarah Hellmann (Director, Art for All People); Sr. Grace Miriam Pleiman (Director, Tamar’s Place); Rose Aleman (Director, Centennial Barn); Sr. Licia Mazzia; Sr. June Casterton (Co-director, Mission Integration); Sr. Marvi Delrivo; (front row) Marci Peebles (Director, Franciscans for the Poor); Monica Smith (Administrator, Franciscan Ministries, Inc.); and Tonie Lynn (Director, Our Lady of the Woods

ma 03Nearly 50 Sisters, Associates, and employees gathered on April 21 for the Mission Alive! presentation in the Chiara Room of The Peace Center at St. Clare Convent  


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Published: June, 15, 2015