The gift we have received we give to each of you

Good Shepherd Community started using the healing Calendar together in Community in January. We did the individual experience and then shared each month at our community meeting.

For all of us this has been an enriching and enlightening experience. We came to know so much about ourselves and each other right from the very beginning when we shared our significant name for God and the reasons we chose it. Sharing moments of beauty, favorite parables and cinquains, etc., brought us laughter, healing, anointing and special moments of insight into each other.

The calendar kept the Healing Conference alive within us and constantly recalled for us the special time we spent together getting a better understanding of how to live our charism in a deeper way.

sr. Ann Cecile AlbersAt Congregational meetings, Area Assemblies, and Circles of Life we often reflect on our Healing Charism. In our ministries it is always inspiring us. The Healing Calendar and the suggested practices brought us into a deeper insight of how our charism is personalized in each one of us. We are all different, but there is something within each one of us that is the same: the gift of healing. The gift we have received we give to each of you – may you be healed in all the special ways that you need to be.

Your Sisters in Good Shepherd Community: Sr. Ann Cecile Albers, Arlene McGowan, Bonnie Steinlage, Karen Hartman and Mary Louise Sahm


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