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6Chapter Planning Committee: (from left to right) Joan Mills, Sr. Licia Mazzia, Sr. Mariapia Iammarino, Sr. Tiziana Merletti, Sr. Jo-Ann Jackowski, Sr. Lécia José da Silva, Sr. Marilyn Trowbridge, Sr. Tânia Maria Ribeiro Machado, Sr. Francesca Atorino

The Chapter Planning Committee was truly inspired and insightful when together they arrived at this Chapter Theme. In addition to its being current, healing energy is urgently needed in our society.

Being carriers and spreaders of the Healing Energy of Christ is part of the ministry embraced by each Franciscan Sister of the Poor. We rely on the continued presence of the Holy Spirit announced in the Gospel: “So Jesus said to them again, ‘Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.’ And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit.’” (John 20: 21-22) The certainty of having this energy gives us the confidence to put it into action.

I believe that Blessed Frances Schervier knew that she was a bearer of Christ’s healing energy in her ministry with the smallest and in her work with the powerful ones when she asked for their help. She tells us, “In the poor and suffering I recognized my divine Savior as clearly as if I had seen Him with my own eyes.”

As Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, we receive and are filled with the healing energy of Christ. At the same time we are the vessels, the flowing channels of distributing this healing. This healing energy does not diminish -- on the contrary, it increases.

We know too well the immense degradation the Community of Life is enduring. We see how urgently the planet needs healers: people who are clearly aware of this situation and have a broad vision of the future to share and make wise, rational decisions to stop the destruction and chaos that is occurring around the globe. These people are also able to communicate and influence the media so that caring for the earth is not reduced only to economic terms.

Most psychological wounds happen when people do not understand or cannot control their emotions. When we learn about and work on our emotions, we can often foresee their outcome. I see this in my Yoga and Reiki practice, when working with people on their life force energy. Healing becomes ever more evident when people are freed to be open to receive this energy.

The future of the world is  ….”WISDOM for a world searching for meaning, KNOWLEDGE for a world seeking insight, HEALING for a world torn apart by violence, PROPHECY for a world in need of direction, DISCERNMENT OF SPIRITS for a world confronted by competing forces.”

Sr. Maria Lúcia Barbosa de Oliveira