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We see the Chapter theme as extremely necessary for the healing of the Community of Life. It is through the Energy of Christ that all healing takes place and the Community of Life needs this energy to survive.

We looked at our Franciscan Community Gardens, which are now covered with straw and laying fallow.  We are aware that the snow and rain, the wind and sunshine are all radiating the Energy of Christ to prepare the soil for the wonderful vegetables, fruits and flowers that will soon be blossoming in great abundance. The gardens remind us also that our environment screams out to us to set free this Healing Energy of Christ: sand tar, pipelines, hydo-fracking, violations of human rights, all call out to us that the Community of Life needs our assistance by responding to these issues thereby setting free the Healing Energy of Christ.

On a more personal level we have many opportunities each day to free the energy within us for the benefit of those with whom we come in contact in a variety of ways.  Every time we interact with each other and with another, we can release the Healing Energy of Christ within us. At the same time we can be recipients of this Energy coming forth from others. God has endowed each one of us with many talents and gifts.
16As we share these with others, we are releasing the Healing Energy of Christ. In this sharing we should also be aware that we are receiving the talents and gifts of others and with these, the Energy of Christ is expanded into our being.This leads us to believe that in all of our interactions there is a constant flow back and forth of the Healing Energy of Christ that replenishes the healing of the Community of Life.

Mother Frances tells us: “We are to shine forth with a burning lamp in hand.” She is telling us to share “the Healing Energy of Christ” with the “Community of Life.”

Good Shepherd Community:  Srs. Ann Albers, Arlene McGowan, Bonnie Steinlage, Karen Hartman, and Mary Louise Sahm with Associate Monica Smith