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Sandrine's story

2'I try to live our charism with these children' – Sr. SylvianeTo set free the healing energy of Christ in my teaching ministry to the little ones is for me a school of giving and receiving. Yes, children can amaze us and express themselves in a very direct way.  I try to live with them our healing charism modestly and with a deeper conscience, especially in this year of the General Chapter.

Jesus said: “Let the children come to me and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” These words of the Lord come to my mind when I remember the history of this small girl. . . .

Sandrine is five years old and has a Moslem mother and a Catholic father.  She learned from her father to know and to love Jesus, but has been very marked by the misunderstanding between her parents which led to divorce.

Every morning as Sandrine arrives at school, her first thought is of Jesus and she goes to the chapel to pray. Entering the classroom, she heads toward me and speaks with me as an adult would. One day she told me: "My Sister, you know, my Mom is not very kind with my Dad. She brutalizes him. She hits him and throws everything at him within reach.”  After the separation of her parents, Sandrine now lives with her dad. He loves his little daughter so much.

In return, I try to listen and understand her. I especially try to find a way to heal the hurts her tiny heart has already received from life. While making Sandrine understand that she must forgive and also love her Mom, I realize that my presence at school as a teacher is very appreciated and longed for, thank God.  

Sister Sylviane Boissy, SFP

Words are Not Enough...

3'The Chapter theme encourages me to open my heart wider' – Sr. Elisabetta There is much healing that needs to happen to realize fully the expression of our charism. Poverty reigns under various forms: unemployment, illiteracy, etc.  How does a person develop a normal life in such an environment?

In all honesty, I have the impression that we already do a great deal; we help poor families, have an adoption program, a training center. The Chapter theme encourages me to open my heart wider and give hope to the people I meet through my ministry.  Because words alone are not enough, let’s try to take action -- and be active.

In Senegal the phenomenon of the “talibés,” the Moslem children who beg in the streets, is omnipresent. Faced with such a disaster, one remains impotent and does not know what to do to eradicate such a wound. The situation is complex and we ask Jesus to show us new ways of life to heal these new wounds.   

Sister Elisabetta  La Manna, SFP