Holy Mystery Revealed in our Midst

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More than 750 Sisters attended the 2014 LCWR Assembly from August 12 to August 16 in Nashville, Tennessee.

It was a very special blessing for all of us present. The theme was “HOLY MYSTERY REVEALED IN OUR MIDST”.

We were enriched by the presidential address given by Sr. Carol Zinn, SSJ, the reflections offered by Sr. Nancy Schreck, OSF, and the acceptance speech given by Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, who received the 2014 LCWR Outstanding Leadership Award.

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LCWR2014 03Sr. Giannica with the Sisters in her table groupTogether we recognized the importance of knowing where we are: revelation happens where we are and the Wisdom is given to those who ask for her in the realities of our lives. We, as sisters among sisters, educated each other about the challenges in our Congregations. Life begins in darkness and we are invited to go to the cave of night by spending time in contemplative reflection and prayer, seeking God’s revelation.

The new is darkness; the unknown is darkness; all the unresolvable questions are darkness. In this darkness, light shines and the Holy Mystery is revealed in our midst.  We have been invited to deepen LCWR2014 04Sr. Marilyn at her tableour understanding of the Holy Mystery through a contemplative life, discovering the vision for the future and seeking God’s purpose, even when the steps before us are not clear. In the Mystery we look for God’s revelation so that God’s music is heard everywhere and we can rebuild the fragmented heart of creation in unity. We will speak in the voice of wounded humanity.

On August 15 we renewed our religious vows according to our Constitutions, asking the Holy Spirit to remain open to God’s calls so we may spread God’s desires and dreams for all creation. During the assembly, we were updated on the ongoing doctrinal assessment of LCWR. Following the assembly, LCWR national board held a three-day meeting beginning with a brief session with Archbishop Sartain.

LCWR2014 06Sr. Licia and Sr. PatThe board issued this statement after the meeting concluded:

“Our study, discernment, and prayer led us to reaffirm our strong belief that ongoing conversation with LCWR2014 05church leadership is key to building effective working relationships that enable both women religious and church leaders to serve the world. It is our deepest hope to resolve the situation between LCWR and CDF in a way that fully honors our commitment to fulfill the LCWR mission as well as protect the integrity of the organization.”

We thank you all for your payers and support as we continue to move forward asking the Holy Spirit to continue to inspire religious life around the world.



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Sr. Giannica Selmo, sfp


Published: October 14, 2014