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In this session we offer different types of “Healing Prayers.”

Each guides you through a creative experience. Obviously, some will be better suited for you than others, but we encourage you to try also those that are more unknown to you: it is true that we grow also through what we do not know!

Fostering an Attitude of Gratitude

Jesus WeptMeister Eckhart said, “If the only prayer you ever utter is ‘Thank You”, it would be enough.” In our all-too-busy world, we forget or overlook the prayer of a grateful heart...

Healing Circles

The Shadow in the MiddleEvery human being needs some form of healing. Healing needs vary according each person’s life journey. Healing always comes in and through the gracious grace of God...


Ten Shin Go So

energia mTen Shin Go So is an exercise devised by Tai Chi and Aikido masters to facilitate both physical and mental focus. It combines physical movement with a storyline to energize the body...

The Sacred Anointing

Mary's-GiftTo be anointed is, among other things, to be made Sacred, to be set apart and dedicated to God. This month, as we celebrate the feast of Mary Magdalene, the anointer of Jesus...

Mother Earth as Healer


Earth as an element symbolizes the necessities and commitments of our lives. It represents our limitations as well as our possibilities. The word ‘humility’ comes from the word ‘humus’ which means earth...

Moments of Beauty


For Franciscans, beauty is everywhere! Beauty is not just one aspect of reality, not just one element among many. Rather beauty is the deepest foundation of reality...



Transizione-angelica-di-un-bambinoMandala means circle in Sanskrit. In art, the term mandala refers to a symbol that is done in a circular format. Mandalas symbolize wholeness and always originate at the center...

The Parables of Scripture and those of our lives...


Jesus knew the power of a story. He managed to be a wonderful storyteller who clothed the most profound thoughts in common language that spoke to all people. The stories of Jesus  are as  varied...

Finding the Sacred in Poetry

Road-to-EmmausPoetry touches the depths of the soul. It is said to be the language of the heart that inspires us to see the world anew.

The Most Beautiful Healing Names of God


Real prayer always expands us and our invites, calls, leads and sometimes even pushes us into new spaces from which to view our own reality.


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