November 25th

We pray to you, Lord, on behalf of women all across the world, young girls, teenage girls, young adult and adult women, and elderly women.

You are sacred, Lord, and you work wondrous things:

We pray to you so that an end will come to the physical and moral violence committed against the bodies, minds, and within the spirits of women. There are far too many women who, each and every day, are subjected to mistreatment, human trafficking, abuses, offenses and humiliation.

pr vd 01You are clemency, Lord, you are shelter:

Grant women the strength and the courage to recognize their own slavery and to escape from oppression. Give us the courage to stand up for them, notto hide behind indifference but to act always and in each and every situation to defend, protect and support them.

You are beauty, Lord, you are humility and patience:

Illuminate the path of rebirth that millions of women are traveling as they confront thousands of difficulties and dangers throughout the world. Awaken in us generous hearts that can truly support them with a spirit of kindness,sharing, real help, courage and respect as they confront and endure their exhausting journeys.

pr vd 02You are our hope, Lord, you are faith and compassion:

Purify the memory and the minds of women from the persecution they have suffered, from the humiliations and the tortures they were forced to undergo so that a new life of freedom, truth and hope can be born within each of them. Allow us to be instruments capable of promoting renewed life that moves them beyond the torment of their suffering.

You are good, Lord, every goodness, the highest goodness:

We pray to you, Lord, so that goodness can be loved and promoted everywhere within the wounds of every woman. We cannot allow evil and violence against women to continue to be cultivated. Help us to break apart evil with all of our energies of love. Inspire new laws and new political action in favor of the dignity and respect of women in every country on our planet. May all of humanity be renewed with a new sense of love, courage and respect against every type of violence.

We ask all of this of you, God, you who are Love, through the hands of Mary, by way of the hands of Clare of Assisi, Elizabeth of Thuringia and Mother Frances, women of bravery, hope and courage. May our prayer and our commitment sever violence everywhere and inspire the seeds of healing and rebirth in support of women everywhere.


Published: November 28, 2016