Mother Earth as Healer

Earth as an element symbolizes the necessities and commitments of our lives. It represents our limitations as well as our possibilities. The word ‘humility’ comes from the word ‘humus’ which means earth. Humility means honestly acknowledging both our limits and our gifts. It means being in touch with our own earthiness. When we are deeply rooted, our life branches can reach far and wide.


Individual Dimension:

With each new day, enjoy the wonder of nature. Make every effort to thrive under her canopy. Sit with her and allow her to speak to you...and listen to her response.

Experience her as a healer. What does she wish to share with you to bring you into fuller wholeness? Ask yourself,  ‘Where do you find yourself rooted in the earth? Here do you need more of a sense of grounding? How might you honor the seasons of your life?’

Communal Experience:

Spend some times out-of-doors this month with community or family. Consider enjoying the pleasure of having a picnic or taking a long walk together.

Than share experience with others and thank Mother Earth together.





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