The Sacred Anointing

To be anointed is, among other things, to be made Sacred, to be set apart and dedicated to God. This month, as we celebrate the feast of Mary Magdalene, the anointer of Jesus. We will remember our call as healers to anoint, that is, to ‘make sacred’ one another, and then to reach out to others.

Mary's-GiftMary's Gift

Individual Dimension:

You are invited this month into daily experiences of anointing. Prior to the activity of each new day, find space and some quiet moments to lift your heart and mind to God. Recall the goodness of God that encircles you. Sit with this Goodness. When time seems sufficient, gently anoint  forehead, eyes, lips, hands and feet asking God for the Graces needed for that particular day.

Communal Experience:

Within the month, come together as community or family and offer one another a simple anointing in the context of prayer. And then allow each person to ask for a particular anointing...or remain in silence for the general anointing.



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