Ten Shin Go So

Ten Shin Go So is an exercise devised by Tai Chi and Aikido masters to facilitate both physical and mental focus. It combines physical movement with a storyline to energize the body, to calm oneself and to direct mental energy.

Individual Experience:

energia 01A sword will pierce your own soul, painted by Daniel BonnellThe following is a suggested exercise, but you can develop your own. Try it a few times until the movements flow naturally. Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and relax your hands at your side. (Storyline: Placing yourself in a position of openness). Inhale to the count of eight and then hold your breath to the count of eight and exhale to the count of eight. (Storyline: Calming yourself inwardly and outwardly). Inhale as you raise your hands in a wide arc above your head, palms open and extended outward. (Storyline: Inviting the energy of the universe into your being). Exhale and bring your hands downward and cross them over your heart. (Storyline: Acknowledging God within). Inhale and open your hands outward with palms extended towards the earth. (Storyline: Offering the goodness and wisdom within you to the world). Exhale and return to your starting position. Inhale to the count of eight, hold your breath to the count of eight and exhale to the count of eight three times. (Storyline: Resting in silence).    

Communal Experience:

Share your Ten Shin Go So with a member of your community or family — or do the suggested exercise together.                                                                            


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