Healing Circles

Every human being needs some form of healing. Healing needs vary according each person’s life journey. Healing always comes in and through the gracious grace of God.  God usually works through others to effect healing. In fact, God expects us to be healers for one another. When we all realize that we are to be healers for one another, we complete the circle of God’s healing energy.

The Shadow in the MiddleIndividual Dimension:

With each new week of the month, you are invited to get in touch with some form of healing that leads you toward wholeness. You will find it helpful to journal during this month.

Each week, consider: week one, emotional healing—Ask yourself, ‘Where am I wounded or bruised from life’s journey?’; week two, physical healing— Ask yourself, ‘Does my body have any current vulnerabilities?’; week three, spiritual healing — Ask yourself, ’Where does my soul cry  out for mercy?’; week four, healing of the mind — Ask yourself, ‘How has my thinking been affected by fear, the opinions of others or by my own negative attitudes?’

Communal Experience: 

Within the month come together as community or family and, in the context of prayer, allow all to share their experience individually.  Some may want the group to pray over them individually, others may simply appreciate being included in a general prayer of  healing.

Pray for the healing energy  of God to bring  each member into greater wholeness.




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