The Communion of Saints Among Us

The Church Universal commemorates the Communion of Saints by dedicating November first as the Feast of All Saints. On this day all women and men who have stepped before us in faith throughout the ages are called to mind and fondly recognized.  As their descendants, we ask for their intercession as we strive to imitate their lives.

La lezione di Giuseppe su gli uccelliDaniel Bonnell: Johseph's lesson on the birds

Individual Dimension:

Entering into this month of all saints, call to mind a different person each week who is now Home with God and whose witness enriched your life. It may be valuable to remember how this person enriched your life.

Then, ask yourself, ‘How am I going to be remembered by those around me? Will anyone in the future call me to mind for enriching their lives?’

Communal Experience:

Consider using the ‘Litany of Saints’ as you gather. Allow everyone to share their memories of one ‘saint’ who enriched their own life in some manner.

You may want to end your time together with a new ‘litany of saints’ whose name you have just learned from the others.



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