Peace-filled Presence

St. Francis told his followers, “Always have peace on your lips, but first have it in your own heart.”

Cultivating a peaceful spirit is not always easy. It takes the ‘soil’ of time, patience, humility and mutual understanding to plant seeds of peace.

La giovane sarà famigliaIndividual Dimension: 

Strive to live the words of Mother Frances, true love demands that we give, forgive and be able to give-in. Spend quality time this month in considering where God might be calling you to be a peace-filled presence. Be open to fostering healthy relationship with those with whom you live and work. Allow God to mend hearts, starting with your own.

Communal Experience:

Create a ‘Christmas Card’ for each person in your community or family using this process: Give each group member a card. with her or his name on the back of it. Form a circle, and have each person pass her or his card to the person on their right. Take a few minutes to think about how this person ‘gifts’ your life and then  write a caring comment on the card. Then repeat the process until every member of the group has had an opportunity to write on each card.  Return the cards to their owners, and then everyone will have a precious gift from all the others to keep Christmas alive.




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